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October Minutes

Information Technology Policy Council

October 8, 2009
Dockery 210

The October 8, 2009 meeting of the Information Technology Policy Council was called to order by Dr. David Rice with the following present:  Dr. Russell Helm, Dr. Odin Jurkowski, Ms. Jenne Vanderbout, Mr. Jeff Morris, and Ms. Debbie Combs. 

Call to Order and Announcements
No announcements were made.

The minutes of the August 13, 2009 minutes were accepted as distributed.

No reports or information items were given.

Review Advisory Committee Work
Dr. Rice reported Dr. Luberoff’s term as chair of ATAC has expired.  Dr. Rice will schedule a meeting for the committee so they can elect a new chair. 

Data Storage Move to New Hardware:   Dr. Helm reported the relocation of the data storage media is completed.  Departmental and personal drives have been moved.  This move will make it easier for departments to manage shared drives.  The new software will alert people if they are approaching the storage limit.  Requests can be submitted to department chairs/budget managers for additional storage. 
Remote Access to University Data:  Dr. Helm reported there is an increasing demand for remote access due to the ESCO project and illness.  The two options for remote access are web interface or through VPN.
Data Security on University Owned Portable Systems:  If data is taken off-campus, the person taking it is responsible for the security of the data.  Information Services is working on a tool to be put on university owned laptops to encrypt the data.  All university owned laptops will be required to have this tool.  Passwords will be encrypted as well so if the password is forgotten or lost all of the data will have to be wiped off the machine.  With VPN access you are connected to the university network so the data doesn’t stay on the local machine.
Data Security on Personal Systems Used with University Data:  The same tool will be offered for personal machines as will be put on university owned machines. 
Streaming Media:  Jeff Morris reported streaming media was provided during the 2009 spring commencement ceremony and they would like to make this a permanent option but there is limited availability to off-campus users due to firewall restrictions.   Mr. Morris stated a set of procedures need to be developed for ITPC to review before taking this proposal forward to the President’s Cabinet.  He has talked to Dr. Helm regarding the cost of the firewall, Dr. Wilson regarding training, and Mr. Don Peterson regarding the software.  A Niagara Go-Stream portable streaming encoder will need to be purchased.  Mr. Morris added there is a tremendous demand for this service but it needs to be managed.  Trouble shooting will probably be handled by Mike Jeffries.  Dr. Helm said the biggest issue will be bandwidth management.  ITPC members present agreed this is something needed on campus and favor the project.  A delayed vote will be taken via email since several members are absent at this meeting. 

Other Business
Some concern was expressed regarding the ESCO project and shutting down the heating/cooling during nights and weekends.  Dr. Helm said this will have to be dealt with due to computers in labs.

Dr. Helm said they are starting to do data analysis on the student shared drives.  Students aren’t using their data storage quotas due to the convenience of thumb drives and cloud storage.  The M drive may be removed from the students and used for faculty and staff instead.  Dr. Helm added more discussion of this item will follow at a future meeting.

There being no further business to address, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary