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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116


Academic Program Review Committee Official Charge



1. To evaluate five-year review reports of existing academic programs and make recommendations focusing on contribution to the University mission, academic quality, and resource adequacy and utilization efficiency. The APRC review will be completed in accordance with the Internal Program Review Process and Timetable.


2. To promote continuous self-assessment by colleges and departments to improve the quality and the delivery of academic programs.


3. To advise and to perform the tasks set forth in Board of Governors Policy 3.1.010 (with appendices, 3.1.010A and 3.1.010B), Faculty Retrenchment Policy and Procedures.


4. To undertake other tasks as assigned by the provost.




Committee reports to vice provost of academic programs and services



              A. Composition (19 members)

                            1. Four full-time faculty members from each academic college and one from the Library.

                            2. Vice provost for academic programs and services (ex officio/non-voting)

                            3. Director of Graduate Education and Research (ex officio/non-voting)

              B. Selection

                            1. Half of the representatives from each academic college and the Library representative shall be elected by the
                                full-time faculty of the unit they represent.

                            2. The remaining faculty members shall be appointed by the Dean of their respective colleges.

                            3. Student members selected by SGA

                            4. Responsible positions serve as ex officio


              C. Selection of Chair

                            1. Elected annually from among the faculty representatives of the committee.


              D. Term of Service

                            1.  All faculty representatives shall serve three-year terms (staggered)

                            2. Ex officio/non-voting – ongoing



1. Meeting Schedule: Committee meets once per month (typically the first Thursday of the month) including summer months as required to complete committee business.  


2. Additional Committee Member Qualifications: The chair must be in his/her second or third year of service on the Committee. The chair may be reelected to a second term. Department chairs are ineligible to serve.   


3. Triennial Charge Update: The committee chair is responsible for completing a triennial charge review at the designated time and then submitting it to the Faculty Senate Committee on Committee’s representative. 


4. Procedures Manual: The committee chair is responsible for an annual report and updates to the Procedures Manual kept electronically by Academic Affairs and Faculty Senate.  


5.  Electronic Voting: The committee may conduct business and voting via electronic means.


6. APRC members work closely with members of the Graduate Council when reviewing programs that include both undergraduate and graduate programs.


7. Members shall not vote on programs housed within their respective departments.



Function revised May 27, 2008.

Updated May 2013.

Updated March 2016 per Faculty Senate to remove AE and add Graduate Council information.

Standardized formatting update and additions to comment section April 2016.

Update- reorganization replacing Director of Graduate Studeies and International Admissions with Director of Graduate Education and Research, October 2016