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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

Academic Council Minutes

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
3:00 p.m.
WDE 2401

The Academic Council functions as the primary organizational group for department chairs and deans. The Council functions in an advisory capacity to the Provost/Chief Learning Officer for Academic Affairs. The Council recommends actions to the Provost who either responds or directs the recommendations to the proper person or organization within the university governance structure. These recommendations will indicate the Council's majority opinion on an issue or a call for action. The recommendations will be in writing and will contain the appropriate individual or group to receive the recommendation.

I. Approval of Minutes from May 13, 2014
Motion to approve P. Antrim
Seconded by F. Kidwaro
Approved unanimously

II. Department Chair Discussions with Provost (Deans too)
A. Chair compensation
● 11-month formula
● one class in-load during the summer
● breaks (spring, Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays)
-This topic has come up previously several times in Faculty Senate, subcommittee
-A couple of proposals came forth from a subcommittee of AC 5 years ago
● 10 days of “flex” days for chairs during the year
● pay chairs at 50% of normal summer rate for summer courses
● 12 month formula instead of 11 month formula
-This has been brought up multiple times with each provost, and each time, the Provost who is currently in office says there are no funds to make adjustments to chair compensation
-Issue of fair compensation
-What do other institutions do? [Sawyer: we seem to fall somewhere in the middle based on work done by college]
-Provost: the current formula has been in place since 1992 but no one can explain its origins. Obviously this needs to be back on the table. 1. Does the formula need to be reworked? 2. What can we afford? 3. There will be new and ramped-up expectations for chairs in the future (data dashboards, state metrics, faculty evaluation, post tenure review, etc) Size of department should matter too. Being chair should not just be service/philanthropy. Is there a work group that could bring proposals forth? What makes it worth it to be a chair? We need a short window and quick turnaround to resolve this issue. We have leverage now because the job description is changing and compensation perhaps needs to be adjusted.
-how do chair roles differ?
-[Butterfield: would it be helpful to know the differing roles of each chair position? There is a long list of duties listed for chairs in faculty guide and a quite short list for faculty]
-what about teaching load? Is it realistic to have chairs carry a teaching load?
-[Opatrny: OP pay might need to be examined as chairs’ duties increase, OP pay should increase because they are our direct support. This issue needs to be addressed too.]
-how far along are we in the faculty classification process? [Provost Curtis: the process is that Faculty Senate provided input, then Deans Council, now AC EC, then adjunct group, then it is time to make a decision]
-[Rennels: desire to teach vs demands in the department]
-subcommittee volunteers: Opatrny/Chenault, Jurkowski, Rennels, Kidwaro

III. Questions regarding written reports
No written reports were submitted.
Rick Sluder: thanks for work on orientation, let us know if we can do anything. New reports for Gen ed capacity that will be coming out, as well as wait list reports

IV. Information Items
A. Multi-state Collaborative (Michael Grelle)
Dr. Curtis for Dr. Grelle: goal is to develop multi-state assessments/rubrics to assess written communication, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking
Timeline says that this fall, we will be collecting artifacts for the collaborative to use in developing the assessments/rubrics
Each institution is to provide 75-100 artifacts in each area
Faculty who teach in upper division classes are asked to offer these (no tweaking
Dr. Curtis will ask for Dr. Grelle to send out some information digitally
Related to information sent out today about Values Seminar (Values Rubric) Tuesday 6-17 webinar and again 6-18 (AACU)

V. Discussion Items
A. Library fines for faculty for overdue books – [Mollie – faculty don’t actually get fines, but the system will automatically generate a fine notice. Once you return the item the fine is removed]
B. What are the expectations for modifications/exceptions/limits for online students
[NOT the same as appropriate accommodations for disabilities] - where do we stop?
-a student in China could not access a lot of the online materials ie YouTube videos etc
-prof started overhauling the course to accommodate the student
-what is the expectation for how to accommodate?
-[Sluder: Mike Jeffries & Laurel Hogue can address accommodations issues. Some questions are easier to resolve such as whether a student can use a different book edition than that required for the class.]
-[Lewandowski] censoring online content for internationally-offered courses is going to be an issue. Two different syllabi/course designs is not feasible and brings to question academic freedom
-[Rennels] another issue of censorship is what we link through our courses such as YouTube video, which are used a lot because of fewer copyright problems, and that content is often firewalled by other countries]
-how do we know that some material is not objectionable in another country? How do we know what will be blocked or not blocked? And it can change without notice.
-Dr. Lewandowski is looking into some of these questions due to goal of recruiting more international students. Have access to market analysis as well so we can identify what is strong in different locations.
-[Antrim] not an altogether new issue; technology issues and availability combined with international sensibilities
-[Lewandowski] infrastructure will be a problem; online teaching & learning environments will look different in different environments
-[Sluder] not a huge number of students now but it will grow so we need to examine this issue now.
-[Rennels] can OT “run the gauntlet” online academic preparedness module

C. Request for earlier submission of college curriculum committee agendas for
prevention of duplication
-what is a reasonable deadline for adequate review by outside departments, programs, and colleges?
-should there be a ‘public posting’ period?
-if the timeline was not so condensed, it would be easier to allow review time]
-often chairs/programs are not even aware that duplicative courses are being proposed
-curriculum committees don’t usually meet over the summer and this condenses the timeline
[we need Registrar- invite Terri Bowman- as part of the conversation. It can’t just change from moment to moment]
-IF we object, does it change anything? Branding issue – two very different programs in terms of curriculum that look very similar in title
-[Monetti moved that AC make a recommendation to Faculty Senate that courses posted for review for 30 day period on Provost website. If any objections are brought forth, a mediating body such as Academic Council will review
24 in favor
none opposed
-One abstention

VI. Action Item
A. Nominations for Executive Committee 2014-15- vote to approve
● Chair – Eric Tenbus
● chair-elect - Mike Godard
● HCBPS - Chris Opatrny
● Library - Davie Davis
● CoE - Nicole Nickens
● CAHSS - Dan Schierenbeck
● CHST - [Mike Godard]
Kidwaro moved to approve nominations, second by Koch
Unanimous approval

VII. Other Items As May Arise
International Office will help to target programs for international marketing
Target countries
Strategy to accomplish international recruitment
2197 international applicants
Chuck – international recruiter; we use agents in other countries. Looking to increase undergrad international enrollment (India, China, Vietnam)
Every student outside the United States becomes our recruiter
VIII. Future Agenda Items
A. Admission standards, enrollment targets, and quality of students (August??)
B. Composition and charge of APRC (June??)
C. Recommendations brought forward from AC EC regarding faculty classifications
D. International student enrollment
1. Has there been a discussion about strategic recruiting from different
geographic regions? (Joseph Lewandowski)
2. Academic honesty issues (Alice Griefe)
3. Cultural issues (Alice Griefe)
4. Limited employment on campus (Shari Bax)

E. Data Warehouse - Dr. Skip Crooker
● General update
● How should requests for data be submitted?
● How is retention tracked? Are there data that show retention from semester to semester in a program?

Thank you to Mollie Dinwiddie and the Library for providing the snacks and refreshments for our meeting today

Academic Council Schedule 2013-14

June 10, 2014 3:00 WDE 2401

Schedule for 2014-2015
August 12 2014 3:00 * Union 229
September 9 2014 3:30 Union 240
October 14 2014 3:30 WDE 2020
November 11 2014 3:30 WDE 2020
December 9 2014 3:30 Union 237A
January 13 2015 3:30 Union 237B
February 10 2015 3:30 Union 237B
March 10 2015 3:30 Union 238
April 14 2015 3:30 Union 237B
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