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Academic Affairs / Provost

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April Meeting Minutes

Provost Council Meeting
April 9, 2015
Martin 128


The following were present: Deborah Curtis, Mike Grelle, Betsy Kreisel, Jim Graham, Gersham Nelson, Roger Best, Mike Wright, Alice Greife, Mollie Dinwiddie, Joseph Lewandowski, Laurel Hogue, Janice Putnam, and Debbie Combs.

Information Items
None were given.

The minutes were approved as distributed.

Report Items
SLT Update: Dr. Curtis said she had nothing new to report.
Faculty Senate Update: No update was given.
Graduate Council: No update was given.

Discussion Items
eBook Initiative: Dr. Graham is working with the College of Education on their technology initiative and they want to make eBooks available. This is a great opportunity for UCM because once a book is posted it may be used by anyone. The only cost involved is the time of the faculty involved.
Military Early Enrollment: Dr. Curtis said President Ambrose will be making an announcement the first week of May that we will be engaging military students in early enrollment. She will be attending an all advisors meeting in April to inform them. After the president’s announcement the information will be sent out to Academic Council and UCM Daily. Jeff Huffman will send the information out as well. Following this information a discussion was held on interdisciplinary studies with different options for military students. Some graduate schools will not accept a general studies degree. Military students need a degree to help them move up as an officer and that will draw a greater deal of respect. Mike Grelle stated he will meet with the deans to continue this discussion to identify some initiatives.
Search Updates: Dr. Curtis gave the following updates on the searches: Vice Provost for Extended Studies: The committee has wrapped up their work and Laurel Hogue has accepted the position effective July 1. The International Center will move forward with their search for the director. This committee is being chaired by Greg Streich. Everything has been approved by Human Resources and should be posted the week of April 13th. This committee is on the same timeline as the Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services.
Library Dean – Dr. Graham said they received several applications. The search committee has selected four candidates for Skype interviews this week. The committee will decide who to invite to campus for interviews once those are completed. Vice Provost for Enrollment Management: Dr. Grelle reported they are bringing two external candidates for interviews and one internal candidate will interview. The external candidates are Lee Young from Pittsburg State University and Paul Orscheln, former Director of Admissions at UCM. The internal candidate is Mike Goddard. The interviews will be the week of April 13th. Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services: Dr. Best said the committee will begin reviewing applications on April 13th. Once the review is completed they will identify the candidates for Skype or telephone interviews. Their goal is to have a recommendation to Provost Curtis no later than mid-May and they are on track at this time.
Summer Hours Switch: Dr. Curtis reported a change is being made to when summer hours end. They will end the week before classes start, August 10. This will be a permanent change for fall only. Summer hours will continue beginning the Monday immediately following commencement in May.
AE Move to COE: Dr. Curtis said Academic Enrichment made a request to move to the College of Education and a decision was made to honor that request. The move is effective July 1. An announcement will be made this week. The Student Success Center will remain in the library. Dr. Curtis feels this move will be a good alignment and expressed her appreciation to Deans Dinwiddie and Wright for making this decision. The deans will collaborate on the open searches taking place in AE. A search will also be conducted for the Director of the TRIO.

Dr. Curtis said at the Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting they began discussing the Board approval of the new faculty categories. She committed to FSEC that the first project is to take every line and identify the changes and where discussions need to start. The Faculty Senate needs to decide what to do about the instructional faculty and if they want to form a separate group for the instructor level or include them in the Senate. Dr. Best asked when the university level promotion and tenure guidelines will be in place. Dr. Curtis said that conversation is with Husch Blackwell. There are two choices. One is a policy library for the entire institution. Haley Hanson from Husch Blackwell said that would simplify things and make us more efficient. The second option is to tweak what we have. Husch Blackwell also suggested getting rid of the AP&Rs. If we went to a policy library, the promotion and tenure policy would be stripped down to the basics and the guidelines would be decided upon and be defined. Dr. Curtis asked for input on all of this. She also said she and Janice Putnam are working on the P&T guidelines and procedures. A decision needs to be made on a campus wide committee for promotion and tenure for non-tenured faculty. Dr. Curtis said the deans might want to have this discussion. Maybe an existing structure could be used to define the criteria for promotion and tenure and fill in more details at the college level.

Mike Grelle announced TK20 training will be held on Tuesday, April 14th, for department chairs and academic program coordinators. Programs coming up for accreditation next year will be placed on the fast track.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary