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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

August Meeting Minutes

Provost Council Meeting
August 28, 2014
Martin 128


The following were present: Deborah Curtis, Mike Grelle, Shari Bax, Betsy Kreisel, Darlene Taylor for Jim Graham, Gersham Nelson, Roger Best, Mike Wright, Alice Greife, Tina Church-Hockett, Mollie Dinwiddie, Jennifer Carson for Joseph Lewandowski, Laurel Hogue, Alan Zabriskie, Janice Putnam, and Debbie Combs.

Information Items
No information items were presented.

There were no minutes to approve.

Report Items
SLT Update: Dr. Curtis stated this group has not met since the last Provost Council meeting.
Faculty Senate Update: Dr. Zabriskie stated the Senate has not met yet for the fall semester.

Discussion Items
Introduction to Special Projects Academic Affairs Role: Dr. Curtis asked Janice Putnam to share what her duties are as the University Research Compliance Officer. Her role will be 50% research compliance and 50% special projects. Dr. Curtis stated UCM has contracted with the Husch Blackwell Law Firm to perform a full campus audit on all university policies. The Title IX policy is first on the list and athletics is only a piece of it. Husch Blackwell will have their first report ready the first part of October. Janice Putnam will be the point person on this piece for academic affairs. Dr. Putnam’s PowerPoint presentation is attached.
Electronic Attendance Pilot Project: Dr. Curtis stated we have not assessed where we are going with this project. Faculty that have used this say it works well. Dr. Curtis asked for a report to be developed stating how the first year went and then share it with Faculty Senate and Academic Council She doesn’t want to further invest into this project until she knows how the first year went.
Space: Dr. Bax reported 25 Live is coming online. All extra-curricular space will be scheduled using this system. Dr. Curtis stated eventually data will be used from this system for space purposes. Dr. Bax said they are aware there were some mistakes in the data that was inputted for 25 Live. They are preparing to conduct a test run for the spring so people can see how the system would place classes. From that test they will tweak the factors the system uses. Dr. Best said Criminal Justice still has a need for a computerized classroom and they are interested in using the technology areas in the Humphreys Building. Dr. Greife said Safety Sciences has a similar need and maybe they could share that space. Dr. Curtis and Dr. Graham had a meeting with President Ambrose regarding the formation of a Technology Advisory Council and they would address issues like this and a good use of space. With no objections for the space in Humphreys noted, it was agreed that Dean Best may have the space in Humphreys for Criminal Justice.
Staffing Six Searches: Dr. Curtis reported several searches in the Academic Affairs area will be starting soon. They are: Dean of the Library, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Retention, Director of Central Summit Center, Director of the International Center, and a new Vice Provost for Extended Studies position. She is looking for volunteers to serve as chairs on these searches. The chair will be a voting member of the committee and there will be five members on each committee. Jim Graham has offered to chair the library search. The first assignment will be reviewing the position descriptions. They will be national searches but she does not discourage internal applications. Dr. Curtis asked members to notify her by Friday, September 5th, if they would like to serve as a search committee chair. Once the chairs are established they will look at recommendations for the other committee members.

Dr. Curtis said the Strategic Resource Allocation Model Review will be kicked off at the September 8th State of the University Address. President Ambrose has already put out a call for people to volunteer for the three committees. Each one will have 10-12 members. SLT members will be placed on some of these.

Dr. Curtis said a schedule has been set for the Apple busses that are transporting students back and forth to CSC. This is a work in progress.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary