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Academic Affairs / Provost

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Warrensburg, MO 64093
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November Meeting Minutes

Provost Council Meeting
November 13, 2014
Martin 128


The following were present: Deborah Curtis, Mike Grelle, Shari Bax, Betsy Kreisel, Jim Graham, Gersham Nelson, Roger Best, Mike Wright, Alice Greife, Tina Church-Hockett, Mollie Dinwiddie, Joseph Lewandowski, Laurel Hogue, Alan Zabriskie, Emily Bergsieker, Christine Spader, and Debbie Combs.

Information Items
Admissions Update: Dr. Kreisel distributed enrollment information for UCM compared to other Missouri institutions for the fall semester. Fall 2015 applications and admissions are up. Transfer applications are down slightly but they are trying to process those applications to get the students in the door quickly. The yield rate for transfer students is approximately 74%. Dr. Kreisel said visits this semester have been great. Matt LeGree is a new rep that started the first of November. He will be working the southern region of the state. He is an alum and former baseball player. They will be hiring one more rep. The Registrar Office is working on graduation applications. There should be 600+ students graduate in December. 189 sections have at least one student on wait lists. Some have double digit wait lists. Financial aid is working on 15 to Finish. Laurel Hogue said dual credit is up 12% this year. Dr. Kreisel said they are getting a list of events on campus from Meetings and Conference Services so they can target those students.
International Recruitment Update: Dr. Kreisel reported that Chuck Petentler just returned from an extended recruitment trip. It was a concentrated effort and he did all of the recruiting in one trip. He focused on core areas and now will focus on online and distance recruiting.
Parent/New Freshmen/Transfer Newsletters: Dr. Kreisel reported these newsletters are done every month and they receive good feedback on them. She told members to let her know if they would like to include something in these letters.
Building a Sustainable Online Infrastructure Virtual Presentation by Matt Pellish at EAB: Ms. Hogue announced this presentation is today (November 13) at 12:00 pm in Wood 19 and everyone is invited. She also announced International Education Week is the week of November 17th and events are scheduled Monday through Thursday.
MLK Scholarship Dinner: Dr. Bax announced this dinner is scheduled for Tuesday, January 20. There will be a week-long celebration beginning with a service day on Monday. She asked members to encourage students, faculty and staff to volunteer for the service day. Lucas Boyce, a UCM alum, will be the speaker at the scholarship dinner. The model for the dinner has been changed and the event will be more student-focused.
Student Activities Calendar: Dr. Bax said a student activities calendar is distributed every semester and they are in the process of putting together the one for the spring. The deadline for adding items is November 21. The name of event, date, time, and location are needed. Events should be submitted to either Dr. Bax or Emily Bergsieker.

The minutes were accepted as distributed.

Report Items
SLT Update: Dr. Curtis reported the SLT recently engaged in a webinar with the RPK Group.
Faculty Senate Update: Dr. Zabriskie said they received a report from Hayley Hanson of Husch Blackwell on the audit of policies and procedures. She talked a great deal on Title IX and he hopes she returns to another meeting. Dr. Curtis added there will be training on Title IX.

Discussion Items
FYE Recommendation: Dr. Bax said this group was created to look at ways to better integrate the things being done to help first year students transition into college and then with their second year transition. The transition for first year students will begin on Thursday before classes begin. The students will check into housing at that time. Entertainment will be provided that evening. Small group discussions will be held on Friday and Saturday. Week of Welcome activities then begin on Sunday. There is an implied expectation for students to participate in these activities but not a requirement. If it was made mandatory, it would affect athletes and band students because it would interfere with their practices. The deans agreed this is a good program and asked that they keep good data for future assessment. Dr. Bax said they are thinking of having a select group of upper class students guide these students around. This program will not begin until fall 2016.
Second Half Semester Course Offerings on a Regular Planned Cycle: Dr. Kreisel thanked the deans for the classes that were added this semester. She said a plea will probably go out for additional course offerings in the spring too. The advisors look at second half semester course offerings to make full loads for students. She asked if departments can start planning classes a year in advance. This type of planning helps with retention. Dr. Kreisel sent a wish list out to the advisors and she will share that with the deans. Dr. Lewandowski asked about an online gen ed session during the semesters. Laurel Hogue said a lot of institutions do a winter online gen ed sessions. She will investigate this further and report back.
Grad School Admissions Process: Dr. Curtis said a couple of things have come down in the last few weeks and she has been thinking about the flow of the process. The system has been put in place for all International grad students to use so they can look at the status of their application process. Dr. Curtis asked if there needs to be another piece in place to follow the student application through the program. The GRE score sometimes slows down the process. She asked if this process can be broader than just for International students. Tina Church said the system would need to be customized for them because it would be totally different. Students have to have a 700# to get the GRE scores posted. There is a technology piece and a human piece to this process. Ms. Church said she doesn’t have the staff needed to get in touch with all of the students to let them know what is missing. Dr. Lewandowski stated staff is being cross trained for additional help during peak times. Dr. Curtis said the Office of Technology needs to be engaged in this along Tina Church, testing services, advisors, and admissions. Dr. Lewandowski added the current issue needing to be resolved is matching supporting documents from International student applications into the Banner PURL piece. Darlene Taylor and Brandi Nicoletti are aware of the problem but didn’t have time to get it resolved. They need to alleviate the length of gaps between processes, automate some of the information and what the student can see. Dr. Lewandowski said there are staffing issues and technology and communication issues. It’s taking too long to get the applications processed. Dr. Lewandowski and Ms. Church will work the Brandi Nicoletti and Darlene Taylor as well as testing services. Dr. Lewandowski will pull the group together.

Ms. Church distributed copies of an action plan to ensure aid is not administered to students who do not have all transcripts submitted to the Graduate School (attached). The application has been updated to state students have to divulge all schools they have attended and developed a hold for missing transcripts. The hold will prevent students from enrolling.

Dr. Curtis asked the deans to have conversations with their faculty about finals. She said faculty are not to allow students to take early finals so they don’t have to return to campus following the Thanksgiving break.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary