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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

October Meetings

Provost Council Meeting
October 23, 2014


The following were present: Deborah Curtis, Mike Grelle, Shari Bax, Betsy Kreisel, Jim Graham, Gersham Nelson, Roger Best, Mike Wright, Alice Greife, Tina Church-Hockett, Joseph Lewandowski, Laurel Hogue, Alan Zabriskie, and Debbie Combs.

Information Items
None were given.

The minutes of the September 26, 2014 meeting were accepted as distributed.

Report Items
Strategic Leadership Team: Dr. Curtis stated this group will be meeting more often during the Strategic Resource Allocation Model process. Rick Dixon attended the last meeting to report on the 10.24% increase in the coming year for health insurance.
Faculty Senate: Dr. Bax made a presentation at the last Senate meeting on the missing person policy. Three motions were passed at the last Senate meeting. One was to encourage faculty and staff to become educated on Amendment 3 in the upcoming election, the second was to instruct the Committee on Committees to talk to part time faculty regarding representation on the Faculty Senate, and the third was for extended benefits for domestic partners.

Discussion Items
Commencement: Dr. Curtis reported there have been conversations with the Graduate Council and Undergraduate Commencement Committee for changes in commencement. The only change for the fall ceremony will be double loading the stage. The recommendation for spring is to have separate college ceremonies with graduate imbedded in them. After a lengthy discussion Dr. Curtis asked for the numbers of participants for spring. She would like to seek input from other groups including faculty on this item. Dr. Curtis said this item will be revisited after seeing some numbers. Dr. Greife asked about readers for the fall ceremonies and suggested faculty from music or theatre that are trained to speak. Dr. Nelson said he can find readers for the fall ceremony and Dr. Curtis asked him to do that.
One Campus One Book: Dr. Curtis said this is a wonderful program and she asked how to get a broader sense of the campus theme for the fall semester. She’s not convinced it’s getting used beyond English 1020. Dr. Curtis said the hope is that the theme is so enthusiastic that students will want to read the book. One outcome of a common reader is that people start having conversations about the book because it is something they all share. Dr. Curtis suggested charging the committee to discuss the interdisciplinary nature of the book. Dr. Nelson said it needs to be driven by faculty and suggested promoting the book at summer orientations. He suggested talking to faculty to see how to organize these campus discussions.
First Day of the Semester: Dr. Curtis said there have been suggestions that the fall semester begin on Monday rather than Tuesday. The main roadblock to do this would be First Year Student Convocation. It could be moved to Sunday afternoon or Monday evening. Another suggestion was to discontinue the convocation. Dr. Bax will take this to the governance groups to get their opinion on convocation. The deans agreed that classes should begin on Monday. College plan day would then be on Friday before classes start on Monday. Dr. Curtis will have further discussions on this item.
Fresh Start/Grade Forgiveness Policy: Dr. Kreisel asked for opinions on this type of policy and issues associated with such a policy. How many semesters should be forgiven? These are typically students returning after not being in college for number of years. Dr. Grelle said the Academic Standards Committee discussed issues involved with such a policy. Sometimes when these students return they choose a different major so the repeat policy doesn’t help them. Dr. Grelle said some schools that won’t accept any credit over ten years old and then everyone gets a fresh start. The Academic Standards Committee is discussing this at their next meeting. Dr. Curtis stated she is an advocate of a forgiveness policy and doesn’t feel like it should be discipline specific. No one opposed the idea of a policy. The committee will provide a draft of the policy.
Apple OS X Yosemite: Dr. Graham said the newest version has been released. Problems have been encountered with the update. He said they are working on making the new platform operational on our campus. This is for Mac laptops only.
Apple End-Point Management: Dr. Graham said they have implemented procedures to take care of Windows based systems but not with Apple devices. They hope to have this done mid spring. He said they will receive some pushback because some people like to set up their own systems but OT will be putting standards in place that people might not want. This will be for all University owned Apple devices with the focus on tablets, work stations, and laptops but not iPhones.
Google Drive for Education: Dr. Graham said they still have not received an update from Google on when this will be available for higher education for additional storage. It will be free in the beginning but he doesn’t know for how long.
Apple TVs: Dr. Graham said they have put a number of these televisions in place and are trying to make sure all the potential issues are addressed. They are beginning to receive requests to place them in other locations and they want to make sure all issues are worked out first.
Adobe Cloud: Dr. Graham reported the agreement with Adobe ends next November. Adobe has moved to Creative Cloud. He said this is their attempt to better control distribution of their software for rapid updates. UCM did not make that swap right away due to the cost. OT is now creating deployment packages where there is a need. They will be available to college techs soon. A decision will need to be made for the new licensing structure by next November. Dr. Graham said it would be helpful for his staff to know what the needs are and then they will provide guidance and support.
Fuels for Finals: Dr. Bax said Fuels for Finals is a program where coupons for free coffee from Einstein’s are handed out by staff to students that are studying in the library at night during finals week. Last spring all spots were filled by unit directors and professional staff. Dr. Bax asked if deans and faculty would like to participate this semester. This is done at 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. She will share a Google doc with members so they can select days/times when they would like to volunteer. This is for deans, associate deans and faculty only.

Dr. Grelle reported the purchase of TK20 was approved at the last Board of Governors meeting. The Office of Technology will be involved in the implementation plan. This process should begin soon.
There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Combs, Recording Secretary