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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

Academic Policy

University level policy, procedures, and guidelines as well as Human Resource, Title IX and the Student Handbook links are located on the University Policy Office website.

Academic policies provide specific guidance for academic topics such as courses offerings, capital projects and space utilization, faculty load and compensation, and other regulations. Academic policies and procedures are located in the Faculty Guide which includes Academic Procedures & Regulations.

Listed below are links to AP&Rs.

Number Title Version Next Review
AP&R 1 Search Guidelines 2007 AY16
AP&R 2 Academic Department Chairs Position 2015 AY18
AP&R 3 Academic Program Advisory Boards 2006 AY16
AP&R 4 Faculty Load & Compensation 2008 AY16
AP&R 5 Salary Savings/Lectureships 2012 AY16
AP&R 6

Faculty Early Retirement Procedures (Inactive)

AP&R 7 Study Tour Guidelines 2010 AY16
AP&R 8 Coord. of Surveys through the Office of Inst. Res. 2015 AY18
AP&R 9 Procedures for Human Subjects Review 2015 AY18
AP&R 10 Student Enrollment Grants Under Revision  
AP&R 11 Guidelines for Electronically Delivered Courses 2013 AY16
AP&R 12 Entrepreneurial Offerings 2009 AY16
AP&R 13 Week-end College Courses (Inactive) N/A N/A
AP&R 14 Space Utilization and Reassignment 2009 AY16
AP&R 15 Capital Project Prioritization and Scheduling 2009 AY16
AP&R 16 Budget/Accounting Responsibility Under Revision  
AP&R 17 Sponsored Programs 2009 AY16
AP&R 18 Student Technology Fee Procedures Under Revision  
AP&R 19 Procedures for Market Discipline Designation 2008 AY16
AP&R 20 Staffing Plan Guidelines 2015 AY18
AP&R 21 Promotion and Tenure Guidance for Appendices 2015 AY18
AP&R 22 Certificate Programs Approval Guidelines 2008 AY16
AP&R 23 Academic Department By-Laws and Internal Governance 2006 AY16
AP&R 24 Reappointment of Non-Tenure Track Faculty 2006 AY16
AP&R 25 Joint Accelerated Degree Programs 2011 AY16
AP&R 26 Intellectual Property Rights 2014 AY17