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Professional Staff Council

Professional Staff Council

budget recommendations

PSC Budget Recommendations

Submitted October 1, 2009

The Strategic Policy and Resource Council asked for suggestions from each governance group on how to best handle the impending university budget crisis. Key issues were to be addressed to help better focus those suggestions and the amount of input that the Professional Staff as a whole contributed was remarkable. The feedback that the Professional Staff Council formulated and put forth to the SPRC is as follows:

Funding faculty promotions: We recognize faculty promotion and tenure as a critical component of the academic mission.   However, since the budget process is decentralized, we do not feel that a centralized solution should be used to fund promotion and tenure. Professional Staff Council recommends that promotion rank salary increases not be considered mandatory budget increases, but rather be treated like any other job reclassification and, therefore, be funded by the budget area granting the salary increase.
Apportionment of reallocation:  Professional Staff Council recommends that this decision should be made at the Cabinet level.
Other ideas:
We feel very strongly that the pattern of reallocation is merely a short term solution.  We recommend adopting a comprehensive budget model that can provide for long term solution that appropriately funds mission critical programs and services.  We recognize that using this strategy will take some time and recommend a comprehensive review of programs and services currently being offered to identify where strategic reductions can be made.  Ideally the review will be complete before FY2012.