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Professional Staff Council

Professional Staff Council


2016-2017 Professional Staff Council Roster

The Professional Staff Council is comprised of two members and one alternate from each major administrative division with the exception of Provost and Academic Affaris which is comprised of three members and one alternate due to the number of staff represented in that division. The remainder of the council members are elected at-large. Members serve 3-year terms. Alternates serve for one year.

As a vital information liaison between professional staff members and the university administration, communication with campus constituents is necessary for the Professional Staff Council to perform its duties effectively. Anytime individuals have concerns or suggestions related to the campus community, they are urged to contact their PSC representative. Listed according to the campus units they represent, below is the roster of 2016-2017 PSC members, email addresses, telephone numbers and term expirations.

Executive Committee


Carmen Binder, Gateway Advisor, 543-4721

Vice President/President Elect

Dennis Peirce, System Coordinator, Academic Enrichment, 543-8794


Jim Pryde, Technology Support, 543-8120


Penny Brookshier, Student Collection Accountant, 543-4493

Past President

Christopher Beggs, TRIO-SSS Director, Academic Enrichment, 543-4786



Provost and Academic Affairs

Administration and Finance

Office of Technology

President/University Advancement

Student Experience and Engagement