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Professional Staff Council

Professional Staff Council


February 11, 2010

Location: Union 109, 1:30pm.

Sandy Cruz, Lisa Schmidt, Carol Knight, Michelle Schubert, Cindy Merryfield, Joy Mistele, Charissa Davis, Rhonda Stangel, Holly Davenport, Rick Dixon, Richard Morrell, Debbie Gerhart, Mike Jeffries, John Slobaszewski, Dennis Peirce, Ian Billingsley, Donna Bodenhamer, Barb Carder, Mel Gross, Melissa Jones

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Holly Davenport.

Review of Agenda

Approval of Minutes
January 14, 2010 - Minutes motioned to approve and seconded


New piece of equipment on campus is used to live stream events.  So far, events live streamed have been the announcement of new football coach and music event.  People need to provide camera and voice in order to utilize new equipment.  Contact Mike Jeffries if interested.


Administrative Representative: Rich Morrell

  1. Cabinet meeting discussions regarding the budget
  2. Space utilization requests under consideration, one specifically is how to utilize the Alkire house
  3. Discussion of new fee for enrollment management proposals
  4. Excel – curriculum program for students with slight learning disabilities (autism and asperger’s)
  5. Student health insurance fee
  6. Approved proposed football schedule

Human Resources Representative: Rick Dixon

  1. Healthier You coming up March 23,24 (this is year 4)
    • Is Health Center doing full blood work – Rick isn’t sure
  2. W2? – did everyone get theirs
  3. Sexual harassment training
    • Finalizing the last part of the training.  The goal is to roll out before faculty leave for the summer.  Rick will visit each department to explain how to handle complaints through course of training.
    • All employees will be required to take online training.

Support Staff: Cindy Merryfield

  1. E-procurement training has started up again, training wants actual orders to use for facilitating actual training
  2. HRA funds were encouraged to be used
  3. Support staff educational award of $500 was started last year and is accepting applications now
  4. Online registration for breakfast
  5. Outstanding support staff award will be presented at the breakfast
  6. Bowling for green is being planned – March 18
  7. Elections coming up

Strategic Planning and Resource Council: Donna Bodenhamer

  1. Meeting at 3:00pm today, open to public room 238
  2. No recommendations for tuition increases
    • Graduate and online courses have proposed tuition increases
  3. Recommendation for not increasing out of state tuition
  4. Performing arts series has been taken off the table
  5. Phone lines –
    1. Pbx is paid for, which reduces the overall cost of telephone service
    2. Voip options are actually used in some areas across campus, but has not been deemed as a replacement for the phone on your desk
  6. Increases for faculty
    • This is based on a contractual basis, so it is viewed as a mandatory expense
  7. Health benefits rebate
    1. Portion of rebate went to employees through HRA
    2. Other portion is being used to supplement funds
  8. Why are 2 areas being told what to do?
    • Athletics and IT – specifically asked to make some changes by the President, whereas other departments weren’t asked to do so
  9. Union station operations – personnel has relocated because the lease ran out (2 people are affected by this)
  10. Presidential events (2 people affected) – recommendations have been brought to board to reallocate funds
  11. This proposal is to take care of this year only.  The real work comes into play for how to handle the funds for the future years.
  12. Questions from group
    1. Tuition – has question been raised to increase Summit Center rate along with online?  Donna said that CSC has not been mentioned.
    2. Comment about how enrollment numbers are tied to out of state tuition or online courses and what’s the threshold on raising funds and direct tie to enrollment. 
    3. Cabinet has special meeting tomorrow to consider any recommendations from sprc so the Board of Governors can review it at their meeting next week
    4. Concern focused on where to cut and not where to generate revenue
    5. Community college recruitment needs to be increased over what we do today
    6. Comment was raised that Carol Nimmer asked if we wanted to put forward a formal request from the professional staff council, especially regarding tuition or salaries
      1. Comments were that we made a recommendation in the past, but nothing happened and that it doesn’t really seem to make a difference
      2. HR review of jobs – it’s up to departments
      3. Why would SPRC advocate an increase in salary when we know in the next future years, it will add that amount to the base budget.  It was brought up and voted down.
    7. Retrenchment policy currently covers how faculty positions are handled only after several years of, so proposal was asked if we would want to propose something for staff


Member Services: Charissa Davis/Rhonda Stangel

  1. Date of breakfast now changed to April 19, 2010

Communication: Kristen Plummer/Lisa Schmidt - have not met/no report

Human Resources: Lisa Schmidt - have not met/no report

New Business

  1. Presidential Search Advisory Committee update
    1. Letter from Richard Phillips to explain the process
    2. All committee members had to sign confidentiality statements
    3. Taking applications through March 1, committee will have access to conference room to review applications to rank applicants.  Next meeting is the week after spring break.  Campus will meet new President once they are hired.
    4. Search committee is also outlined at
      1. Open forum will be missed for new candidates
      2. Nice to think that as an employee of the university, you have a vote or comments
      3. No feel for fit of candidate with campus or campus with candidate without open forums, which needs to be considered for future fiscal considerations
  2. Upcoming Events
    1. J. P. Mees Award nomination process
      1. Nominations are due march 1
    2. Annual Professional Staff Breakfast, April 19
    3. PSC Elections
    4. Bowling for the Green – March 18

Next meeting date
The next meeting is scheduled for March 11, 2010.