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Professional Staff Council

Professional Staff Council


January 14, 2010

Location: Union 109, 1:30pm.

Cindy Merryfield, John Slobeszewski, Dennis Peirce, Rich Morrell, Holly Davenport, Michelle Schubert, Rhonda Stangel, Charissa Davis, Joy Mistele, Lisa Schmidt, Carol Knight, Donna Bodenhamer, Barb Carder, Melissa Jones

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Holly Davenport.

Review of Agenda

Approval of Minutes
December 10, 2009 - Minutes motioned to approve and seconded


  1. Kathy Maham – bowling for green – march 18.  PSC needs to have some volunteers.  No raffle, but silent auction and bowling. 
    John Slobezsewski volunteered.


Administrative Representative: Rich Morrell

  1. MLK celebration - Dinner Tuesday night, January 19
  2. Several weeks working on data breach (2 separate ones). 
    1. One data breach was done by an academic unit.  Documents were shared for accreditation.  List with 700#s was on the same document as something else and a student did a google search on 700# and it came up.  Those students affected were informed.
    2. 2nd person had 4 different lists that he was trying to sell to an undercover FBI.  List of 65,000 names, another one of 12,000 names, and another of 9,000 names and another of 40 names.  Only a percentage of names from lists were found to match up to UCM information.  One list has academic information and another had personal information (social security number, birthday, etc).  All students found on lists were informed.
    3. Email regarding changing password for students was not related to this incident.
  3. Continued budget discussions
  4. BOG meeting next week – 2 new members, Marvin Wright and Mary Dandurand are having orientation next week

Human Resources Representative: Rick Dixon - not present

Support Staff: Cindy Merryfield

  1. ESCO update – everything is substantially complete.  If you notice anything is left, tell your building manager
  2. Student wellness rec center – plan delayed because bid was favorable and size increase was allowed.  Completion sometime in spring semester 2011.
  3. East field – ready to go fall 2010.
  4. New exercise equipment on display in the union atrium
  5. Reps from survival house
    • Kicking off capital gains improvement, secured land and groundbreaking, $2.2 million needed and they have about half.  Currently 16-18 occupants and expectation is to double it.  Fundraiser in March – they asked SSC for help.  Questions on if this is for replacement of existing facility or a new one, but the answer wasn’t known.
  6. Support staff award – ballot finalized and compensation finalized ($25 bookstore/$50 visa gift cards), winner announced at breakfast in april

Strategic Planning and Resource Council: Donna Bodenhamer

Attachments sent with agenda were from last meeting.  Items brought up for discussion:

  1. Online tuition
  2. Out of state tuition
  3. Airport director - Talk of move to auxillary – funds come from general fund
  4. Is out of state tuition being applied to online courses? No – it would defeat the concept of online courses.
  5. Reduce # of colleges – actual number in base column is different than notes
  6. Saving for esco project – where does that go to?  Donna’s belief is we’ll get it back from Trane when project is complete if efforts cost less than money from bond.
    1. Evaluating classroom space /building utilization during any given semester – adjust temperature regulation for making most of resources. 
    2. Green screens coming in fall 2010
  7. Scholarship / implement Matt Melvin’s plan
  8. Performing arts - Make it a stand alone program, not supported by general fund

Donna would like comments or questions to bring to meeting which are open to anyone, SPRC is in Kitterman room today at 3:00pm

Library Advisory  – John Slobaszewski

  1. Survey to faculty – 83 responders – led to role of library and what needs to be saved.  The findings from responders were that resources needed weren’t available, but library response was your people aren’t talking to mine.  There will be cuts to library funds.  The library is trying to find their future direction.
  2. Einstein Brothers Bagels at the library– kiosk is not here yet, but should have been.  Unit should be in late February.  Sodexho has been dragging their feet on getting this shipped.
  3. Children’s literary festival is coming up over spring break

Board of Governors – Holly Davenport

  1. Ken Hutchinson talked about Presidential search.  He read off list of key attributes and gave update when position posting will be put out.  Posting is out now.  Composition of presidential search committee, Holly included.  First meeting is later this month.  Rich indicated the bog is really the search committee and the university committee is a group of advisors.


Member Services: Charissa Davis/Rhonda Stangel

  1. Haven't met
  2. Breakfast will be April 22, 2010

Communication: Kristen Plummer/Lisa Schmidt

Human Resources: Lisa Schmidt

  1. JP Mees award change – service to students might preclude nominations – thought about including adding words ‘direct/indirect’ to ‘service to students’ attribute to help people understand they didn’t have to have direct service to students in order to be nominated.  Holly was going to ask Jenne to send out the message again to update the date and extra words for service to students. Video wording updated.  Powerpoint before video – wants to include past recipients and current Presidents.  Questions were raised on who typically put this together in the past.
  2. Looking into whether employees that work part time get any Mosers benefits.  Compile a page of helpful links on the PSC website. 
  3. Still working on recommendation for fitness – discussion on whether or not employees get breaks.  Lisa will work on coming up with something to propose as a recommendation from PSC.

New Business

  1. Presidential search update (  
  2. Upcoming Events
    • J. P. Mees Award nomination process – Jenne sent out JP Mees award nomination process.  Taking nominations through March 1.  Committee will review and winner will be announced.
    • Annual Professional Staff Breakfast, April 22
    • PSC Elections

Next meeting date
The next meeting is scheduled for February 11, 2010.