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Professional Staff Council

Professional Staff Council


March 11, 2010

Location: Union 101, 1:30pm.

Dennis Peirce, Lisa Schmidt, Carol Knight, Barb Carder, Charissa Davis, Cindy Merryfield, Rhonda Stangel, Rich Morrell, Holly Davenport, Melissa Jones


The meeting was called to order by Holly Davenport.

Review of Agenda

Approval of Minutes
February 11, 2010 - Minutes motioned to approve and seconded with change in dates for Healthier You from March 3 and 4 to March 23 and 24

Carol Knight received Employee of the Quarter Award


Administrative Representative: Rich Morrell

  1. Working on this year’s budget (FY11) and talking about FY12.  Governor recently reported $1million shortage in overall budget for State of Missouri for this coming year’s budget (FY11).  Belief is that the University’s budget will be $6 million shorter than this year.
  2. We’ve agreed with the governor that we will leave tuition at the same rate if they keep our budget within 95% of previous year.  We’re proposing an 8.1% increase in room and board.  Our relative market position with the rest of the universities remains the same.  We’re currently at the top of the bottom 3rd for overall costs for the Missouri state institutions.
  3. Concerns of naming physical space on campus
    • Few instances where naming has occurred, but can’t be done without Board of Governor’s approval. 
    • Letting people know there is a process that has to be followed.  The process is on the website
  4. Issues with branding – certain images and words that are part of our brand.  Some of these aren’t being adhered to as they should.  These are mostly being neglected when going off campus for printing needs.  There is a process to go through in order to use the University’s copyrighted brands.
  5. Using President’s conference room for the Presidential Search.
  6. Student Affairs
    • Monday the department found out that UCM is a finalist in nation-wide competition to recognize the University for prevention programs (mainly for alcohol).  We won runner-up, St John’s won first place (they were runner-up last year).
    • University has entered into another grant program with KC metro area to provide programs for students with autism and related disabilities (called Thrive).  2 year program, about 12 students a year.

Human Resources Representative: Rick Dixon (no report - not present)

Support Staff: Cindy Merryfield

  1. Deb Hobson came
    • Dining hours for spring break monday and tuesday 7:30-5:30 for all, rest will only be Chick-Fil-A
    • Using ID cards for dining solutions
  2. Elections weren’t ready, but will be sending out results before April meeting
  3. Bowling for green – March 18.  Annual office supply swap for that morning.  Union235.
  4. Received 19 nominations for support staff award.  Will be given at breakfast and they have made arrangements for a photographer.

Strategic Planning and Resource Council: Holly Davenport

  1. Donna sent Holly a spreadsheet with FY11 budget
    • Decreases to federal stimulus from FY10 days
    • Increases to faculty salary increase and staff salary increases (to get those that have fallen beyond minimum up to the minimum)
    • Increase to cover benefits, IS contracts
  2. Rich Morrell - Asked to reduce budget by 5%.  President asked for permanent money or 1 time – bog asked to split it up.  BOG revised this plan and final plan will be set in the next meeting.  This is subject to change with the results of the governor’s announcement of budget shortfall for FY11. 
    • Increase graduate fees 3%
    • Increase online classes (by $8/credit hour)
  3. Board of Governors – Holly Davenport
    • Mostly budget information
    • Ellis and Residence Halls planned improvements


Member Services: Charissa Davis/Rhonda Stangel

  1. Met with Sodexho to finalize menu
  2. Breakfast – April 19
  3. Holly is verifying budget

Communication: Kristen Plummer

Human Resources: Lisa Schmidt

  1. Noticed the HR website required several different clicks to find similar information.  The committee is putting together one page to find all information related to the same topic. Will be linked off the psc webpage, others will be welcome to use. 
  2. JP Mees award – 4 new people nominated this year.  Three coming forward from previous years. Committee received those yesterday.  Ordering plaque through student org in CTE.
  3. Staff reduction in force policy board of governors policy 2.3.040
    • Questions for Rick to ask next time he attends a PSC meeting
      • How long does a person that’s laid off stay in a pool for another job?

Elections Committee - Holly Davenport

  1. Mike wasn’t able to come.
  2. Met on 2/23, contacted everyone whose terms are ending to see eligility for renomination.
    • Academic affairs – 2 reg , 1alternate
    • Administration and Finance – 1 alternate
    • Information Services – 2 and 1 alternate
    • President / University Advancement  -1 alternate
    • Student Affairs  -1 and 1 alternate
    • At large – 1
  3. Obtaining list from IS for list of professional staff and respective administrative divisions
  4. Finalizing announcement to send to Professional staff seeking nominations
  5. Contacted Robin Krause and Loye Henrikson to develop the electronic ballot.  Using same process as last year, secure and people only vote on prospective administrative division.
  6. Timeline
    1. Solicit nominations – 3/11-3/19
    2. Confirm nominations and create ballot – 3/22-3/26
    3. Ballots sent on Monday, 3/29 by email
    4. Ballots due 4/12
    5. Winners announced at PSC breakfast, April 19

New Business

  1. Presidential Search Advisory Committee update
    1. Committee reviewed candidates
      • Referred by consultant
      • Under consideration
      • Wildcard
    2. Meet tomorrow to narrow down finalists – 5-7
    3. Open forums now being held for finalists (maybe 4)
  2. Upcoming Events
    1. J. P. Mees Award selection
    2. Annual Professional Staff Breakfast, April 19
      1. Program
        1. Eat
        2. President talks
        3. Jp mees award presentation – thoughts on how we can make program more inclusive of everyone else
          • Slideshow that runs JPMees, include pics of other professional staff
          • Include previous winners
          • Announce different departments included in professional staff
          • Announce new members
      2. Volunteers
        • Not sure
      3. Budget
        • Holly needs $700 more.  Rich Morrell indicated he thought he could help with the food.  Holly has sent an email to Delilah for assistance as well.
        • When Sodexho contract was renewed, some money was given back to the university to use for food services.  Rich is in charge of this and will see what portion of that money can be used for the breakfast.  1% comes back to the university. 
    3. Bowling for the Green
      1. PSC person won’t be available for the day.  They need someone else to help at the silent auction.

Next meeting date
The next meeting is scheduled for April 8, 2010.