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Professional Staff Council

Professional Staff Council


May 20, 2010

Location: Union 101, 1:30pm.

Carlotta Underwood, Barb Carder, Beth Rutt, Emily Bergsieker, Cindy Merryfield, Jennifer Pint, Deborah Turnbow, John Lamirande, Charissa Davis, Rhonda Stangel, Carol Knight, Lisa Schmidt, Mike Jeffries, John Slobeszewski, Holly Davenport, Melissa Ingram, Richard Morrell, Shelly Gonzalez, Anna Herod, Derrick Krieger, Melissa Jones


Review of Agenda

Approval of Minutes
April 11, 2010 minutes - motion to approve and seconded to approve

Announcements and Welcome to newly elected representatives and officers


Administrative Representative: Rich Morrell

  1. President-elect Ambrose will be visiting campus June 4
  2. President Podolefsky continues to work as he is recovering from surgery
  3. FY11 budget discussions are ramping up.  Warning – it will be fraught with difficult challenges
  4. The power plant building south of Grinstead will be razed in June.
  5. We are progressing on the start of work on the new fence along MO-13 on each side of the Ellis Overpass.
  6. Paperwork continues to proceed on the razing of Hawkins Hall.  Approval from the BOG is eventually required.
    1. Master plan states the land will be used for an athletic facility, but there have been no discussions of that starting
    2. Todd getting air conditioning, changing some rooms to apartments (40 are rented for next year).
  7. ESCO work continues at Dockery and other locations
  8. Einstein’s Bagels opens 5/21 at 7:30am in the JCK Library north foyer

Human Resources Representative: Rick Dixon

  1. Rick not present – Carla reported that open enrollment for dependents over 26 was occurring.  Questions were raised on who qualifies as a dependent – Carla will send info to answer questions to Lisa Schmidt.
  2. A new discrimination and harassment policy was pushed out earlier this week.

Support Staff: Cindy Merryfield

  1. Terry Butler presented an overview of the Safety Center.  He urged anyone with a teen driver to sign up for June drivers ed.
  2. Elections – Brenda Dooley – President, Cindy Merryfield – Vice President, Diana Summers, Treasurer, Joyce Stephens – Secretary
  3. First Outstanding Support Staff Council Award winner – Patricia Hubbard was reported to the UCM News Bureau.
  4. Voted to co-sponsor the December Community Coffee with Professional Staff Council
  5. Pam Bennett will replace Shelia Schneider on the parking committee
  6. Bowling for Green outcome
    1. Bowling $138
    2. Lunch $42.08
    3. Auction $645
    4. Total $825.08   
    5. JP Mees and Survival House each receive $412.54
  7. We gave $439 last year to each group.
  8. Cash donations not part of B4G – JP mees - $47.00, Survival House $34.50.

Strategic Planning and Resource Council: Donna Bodenhamer

  1. Space allocation requests should come through the formal committee.  Requests discussed at the last meeting (held last week) were
    1. ROTC storage area in HCC basement - passed
    2. Dance studio in martin – tabled for next meeting for further changes
  2. 4 subcommittees formed to review areas
    1. Review of noninstructional projects – Dr. Roberts is chair
    2. Review of academic areas / programs – Dr. Wilson is chair
    3. Process for SWOT – how to use better for future budget years
    4. Process for SPRC

Most work for each committee is on hold until the next President arrives to determine the direction he would like to see SPRC take.

Board of Governors – Holly Davenport

  1. Presented Charno, Byler and JPMees awards
  2. Name change for aviation tech building – not sure what the name changed to


Member Services: Charissa Davis/Rhonda Stangel

Communication: Lisa Schmidt

Human Resources: Lisa Schmidt

Elections Committee: Mike Jeffries

Traffic and Parking:

  1. Parking fees for night students was reintroduced, but tabled for April meeting
  2. Scott Rhoad received email about installing parking meters in Lot #29.  Discussions of 1 meter for entire lot or 1 per space were brought up.  Students from SGA will take back ideas to next meeting and bring back their feedback to April meeting.
  3. Feasibility study for lot #14 tabled until April.
  4. Employees of FPO want a recycling dumpster near building.  Rhoad suggested Lot #34 as a good location once ESCO trailers are moved out.
  5. Parking permit fees did not increase this year.
  6. Nursing SHIP moved to Natt / Brad, only 1 space to park, then athletics moved and another space was added.  Telecom van moved from admin Service space to Natt Brad for the construction.  Rhoad would like to add 2 SV spaces at the end of the FS row along the retaining wall where the row meets the M section of Lot 33. Motion was moved and seconded and approved to add 2 FS spaces on the south side of the multi in lot #33.
  7. Rhoad asked committee to consider a re-designation for lot #34 from a free lot to an M lot.  Item was tabled until a later date when the committee can determine costs versus benefit to keep it free or change to M.
  8. Tickets have option of paying ½ price if they pay within 10 business days.  Rhoad wants to change the wording to pay within 15 days of issued ticket.  The system can’t account for business days vs non-business days.  SGA will bring back to students and discuss at parking committee in April.
  9. Lot by BSU will be paved and lighted this summer
  10. Space management committee moved the student success center to the library, moving 7 faculty.
  11. Hawkins hall demo’d, lot 42 will remain as current student parking.  BOG wants building torn down sooner rather than later, but is rather expensive to tear down.  The committee will be included in the discussions concerning what should happen to the vacant log after Hawkins is torn down.
  12. Hobson indicated Einstein Bagels would like to have a 15 minutes parking sport for customers.  A written formal request should be sent to the committee by the person that manages the kiosk.

New Business:

  1. Vice President and Secretary appointments
    1. Lisa Schmidt was nominated for VP and accepted and all approved
    2. No nominations or volunteers for Secretary, so Mike was going to call everyone to get the position filled.
    3. Rhonda Stangel is serving as Treasurer, which is not an official position, but Mike is looking into making it one.
  2. Faculty Liaison for PSC
    1. Idea was presented to have representation at PSC meetings from faculty meetings and to have PSC represented at faculty meetings.  No one was designated to stand in as a representative, but further discussion will occur at the next meeting.

Next meeting date: June 10, 2010

  1. This is during orientation, so date will be changed and communicated to the committee.
  2. Mike also asked for the council to consider the day/time for future meetings to ensure the current meeting times are appropriate for all.