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The Copy Center

When time or cost make printing your project impractical, the Copy Center can provide high-quality reproductions. Publishing & Promotions staff can advise you which process is most advantageous for your particular project; generally, quantity and time are the factors to consider. As a rule, if the quantity needed is less than 2,000, it is less expensive to have something copied due to the set-up costs required to print. Occasionally, a tight deadline requires that a piece be copied regardless of cost; the usual turnaround time for the Copy Center is 24 hours, depending on the complexity of the job and other works in progress. 

Copy Center capabilities

*for other reproductions please contact the Copy Center at 543-4373 or email


*These prices may vary due to the expense of heavier or higher quality paper; call for prices on other paper stock.

You can email your files ( or provide them on CD (in PC format). See above for software supported by the Copy Center; pdf files are accepted as long as they are correctly prepared.  Minor adjustments on files that already exist may be made when needed, but for more extensive revisions the creative staff should be consulted.

The Copy Center works in conjunction with Printing Services to fold, trim, and bind jobs that require finishing. Additional time is needed to complete these processes.

Campus mailings and bulk mailings are done frequently in the Copy Center.  Generic labels are used in most campus mailings; however, personalized labels are available through the Copy Center (call 543-4373 for more information). 

Generic lists that are available for Campus mailings include: 

Any changes to departmental staff and/or office locations should be directed to the Copy Center for list updates. On-campus mailings are taken directly to the mailroom when completed for distribution. Bulk mailings are copied and folded, then sent to the mailroom to be tabbed and labeled.  It is preferred that labels that are one-up on a sheet (tractor-fed) are used, as sheet labels may delay a mailing (these labels must be adhered manually).  A disk may also be supplied to the mailroom for labels to be printed there.