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Something to Eat Event at UCM

What is Something to Eat™
Something to Eat™ is a crisis response, food packaging program that binds together the privileged and the poor. Youthfront designed this initiative to be a socially interactive, tangible way to respond to relief efforts by packaging and paying for low-cost, nutrient-dense meals. Something to Eat™ is a way to meet the physical needs of people while discovering our own spiritual hunger for taking action against the injustices in the world.

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Can anyone participate in packaging this food?
Yes. We do require payment for the food packaged, but all are welcome to participate in this experience. It's a great experience for anyone no matter the age. The food assembly lines are simple and safe.

How many people are fed from one package of food?

For $1.50 you provide one package of food which makes six meals. When using Sodexo meal swipes, three swipes will allow you to assemble five packages (30 meals). You may donate up to five swipes. Each package of food provides six nutritionally complete meals once they are boiled.

How much food are we trying to package…is there a goal?
Our goal for the Spring 2014 initiative is to assemble 5,000 packages, which will feed a total of 30,000 people!

What ingredients does a package of food consist of?
Each package consists of rice, fortified soy protein, vegetables, and essential vitamins and minerals. The packages were designed to be nutrient-dense; they include rice as the base of the meal because it is a globally recognized and accepted food.

Where did you get the food for this event?
Something to Eat™ is partnered with Outreach International who supplies the nutrient dense raw ingredients that have been tried and tested, to provide needed nutrients for the malnourished, hungry and starving.

What happened to the food packaged at UCM in Spring 2016?
The UCM campus and Warrensburg community assembled 4,367 packages of food. These meals were shipped and dispersed to the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Guatemala.
For more information, visit: Something to Eat Impact Update

How will these packages of food be distributed to people in need?
Youthfront and its Something to Eat™ initiative play a key role in the food packaging process, but look to partners with expertise in relief and development operations for assistance in distribution. Youthfront is proudly partnered with Food for the Hungry, which makes it possible to ship this food internationally. Food for the Hungry distributes the food to countries and people in ways that are empowering to the area while maintaining its local economy. The food packaged during the Spring 2013 initiative will be sent to Nicaragua and/or Guatemala.

Something to Eat™ prices for each package of food have been carefully configured so that $1.20 will cover all the costs of the raw food ingredients, warehouse maintenance and most shipping costs. An additional $0.30 will go to the Something to Drink™ initiative which helps drill wells and provide sanitation solutions to communities who are in need of clean water.

For more information on the organization Food for the Hungry visit

Can I have a food-packaging event for a large group of friends or at my church or school?
Yes. For more information on scheduling a Something to Eat™ packaging event for your group at your facility, e-mail Austin Averill at

Who is behind the Something to Eat™ at UCM event?
Youthfront and the Something to Eat™ initiative provides the resources needed to create and seal the packages. Christian Campus House (CCH) brought the event to UCM, partnering with the American Democracy Project and various faculty and staff. CCH is working with Innovative PR, UCM's student-led PR firm, to facilitate promotional efforts.

Why is Something to Eat™ happening at UCM?
The Something to Eat™ initiative was brought to Warrensburg to give students and the community an opportunity to take our knowledge and put it into a tangible action. Together we are fighting for the fellow honor and humanity of other human beings who have a need but a silenced voice. Through this small act of feeding others, we are helping to restore justice in the world.