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Strategic Resource Allocation Model

Rick Staisloff

Rick Staisloff, founder and principal of rpkGROUP, addresses the Oct. 30 launch meeting regarding the Strategic Resource Allocation Model process.

In the fall of 2014, UCM launched a major initiative aimed at developing new tools for strategic resource allocation. As President Ambrose explained during his September 8 State of the University Address and in Presidential Memorandum 19, the Strategic Resource Allocation Model development process is an opportunity to take both a tactical and, more importantly, a strategic approach in considering how UCM will operate with a fixed amount of resources and how to use those funds to accomplish identified university goals. It also provides a means to consider new sources of funding and revenue generation, how to support a shift in net revenue drivers in support of the university mission, and encourage and promote the types of innovation required to preserve the UCM collegiate experience.

Three teams of faculty and staff members have been identified and charged with different deliverables and milestones associated with strategic resource allocation. The specific charges of the teams are as follows:

Team 1 - Metrics and Accountability
(Facilitated by Mike Wright, Dean of the College or Education):

Create a dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), building upon existing institutional KPIs, and set targets for performance under those dashboard indicators. Analyze high level tasks and resources required to achieve these targets. Assess other tools required to determine institutional performance.

Team 2 - Budget Process and Transparency
(Facilitated by Roger Best, Dean of the College of Business and Professional Studies):

Consider a new budget development process to further enhance transparency and accountability, and ensure resources are directly connected to strategy and KPI targets.

Team 3 - Alignment, Resource Allocation and Net Revenue
(Facilitated by Jason Drummond, Vice President for Advancement and Executive Director for the UCM Foundation):

Assess organizational structure and capacity to ensure successful transition to the new business model, including recommendations for new revenue opportunities, stakeholder training, and new business model options that are focused on innovation.

UCM faculty and staff may submit questions or comments to the teams using this form.

Project Milestones