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Strategic Resource Model

Beginning in September 2010, the University of Central Missouri began development of a Strategic Resource Model. The purpose of the model is to help the university better align its programs and services with resources. The model is comprised of four key components:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Fiscal Management: Institutional Budgeting
  • Academic Program Viability & Productivity
  • Administrative Efficiences

Members of the campus community and all other key stakeholders will be informed on a regular basis as the four areas of the strategic resource model are implemented. Memoranda outlining already completed steps are listed below:

  • Memo 1: Fiscal Management and 90-day Hiring Freeze
  • Memo 2: Academic Program Review
  • Memo 3: Response to the Missouri Department of Higher Education and the University's Academic Program Viability Review Process
  • Memo 4: Progress Update on Revenue Growth & Institutional Budgeting
  • Memo 5: Reorganization of Academic Colleges & Departments
  • Memo 6: Strategic Resource Model Update
  • Memo 7: Administrative Review
  • Memo 8: Organizational Changes
  • Memo 9: Provost Search
  • Memo 10: Institutional Metrics and Strategic Positioning Platform
  • Memo 11: FY 2013 Budget
  • Memo 12: Continuing to Move Forward During Challenging Times
  • Memo 13: Governor's Recommendations Positive for UCM
  • Memo 14: UCM Foundation Provides Enhanced Learning Opportunities for Students
  • Memo 15: KTBG FM 90.9 Radio and UCM Administrative Review
  • Memo 16: University of Central Missouri (UCM) Enrollment Increase Provides Important Revenue Growth
  • Memo 17: UCM Board Takes Historic Action
  • Memo 18: Higher Learning Commission visit/UCM's Reasons to Believe
  • Memo 19: State of the University 2014
  • Memo 20: Administrative Restructuring
  • Memo 21: Strategic Resource Allocation Model - Moving Forward
  • Memo 22: PeopleWorks
  • Additional Documents