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Strategic Funding

The Strategic Funding Process is an opportunity for all areas across campus to apply for strategic funds to implement actions that support the institution’s vision, strategic initiatives and institutional strategic goals. These funds will be in addition to base funding and may be used for additional personnel, capital projects or operating expenses as explained below:

  • Personnel – staff and faculty positions (total salary and benefits must be included in the amount requested)
  • Capital Projects – new construction and/or renovation
  • Operating Expenses – all other items

How to Get Started

The Strategic Funding Process includes a formal proposal. Proposals should be submitted electronically to the Budget Working Group (BWG) no later than noon, Friday, Jan. 22, 2016, with the expectation that funded initiatives would be implemented during FY 2017. If the funding required for implementation will span more than one fiscal year, please note this in the proposal. Each proposal must be approved by the appropriate unit administrator before being submitted to the BWG. Submit the proposal using the Proposal for Strategic Funding Form. To complete the form:

  1. Login to MyCentral.
  2. Click on the Employee tab.
  3. Click on Proposal for Strategic Funding Form located in the Strategic Funding Proposal section at the bottom of the right column.

The BWG will do the initial review of pre-proposals and make recommendations to the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT). The SLT and the president will make the final decisions whether or not to move the pre-proposal forward to the formal proposal portion. Strategic funding proposals will be funded based upon the evaluation review and the amount of funding available.