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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


III. Membership and Representation

Support Staff Council Organizational Guidelines

A.        Membership

The Support Staff Council will consist of eight (8) representatives elected from the non-exempt constituency. 

Representatives who transfer to an exempt position will be required to resign their position on the Support Staff Council.  An election may be held if deemed necessary by the Council to fill that position.

B.        Duties of Representatives

Representatives will:

            1.         Attend all scheduled Support Staff Council meetings and events.

            2.         Inform constituents of Support Staff Council related issues and concerns.

            3.         Communicate regularly with council president.

            4.         Vote on all issues presented to council for action.

C.        Term of Office

           1.         The term of office for an elected Support Staff Council member is three years.  Members may be elected for a second term, but no representative may serve longer than six consecutive years.  Eligibility for the Support Staff Council is re-established one year from the completion of six consecutive years.

           2.         The term of a member becomes vacant in the event of death, permanent incapacity, termination of service with the University, resignation, transfer to an exempt position, change of status (either to regular part-time or exempt), or three unexcused absences from the meetings of Support Staff Council during one election year.

           3.         The Support Staff Council President will determine whether an absence from a regularly scheduled meeting is excused.  Removal becomes effective when approved by the Support Staff Council.  The member has the right of rebuttal within five (5) days of notification.

           4.         If a Support Staff Council member is removed from the council due to three (3) unexcused absences, eligibility for Support Staff Council membership is re-established two years from the time of removal.

D.        Filling of Vacancies

           1.         A vacancy on the Support Staff Council will be filled by the Support Staff Council Elections Committee.  

           2.         If for any reason a vacancy cannot be filled by the Support Staff Council Elections Committee, a person will be appointed by the President of the Support Staff Council with confirmation by vote of the Support Staff Council. 


Revised 12/2011
Approved by Support Staff Council 12/13/2011