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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


March 2009

Support Staff Council

March 10, 2009

1:30 P.M.

Union 117

Attendees:  Sarah Bailey, Pam Bennett, Brenda Dooley, Peggy Harrison, Kathy Maham, Susan Malott, Ginny McTighe, Cindy Merryfield, Joyce Stephens, Diana Summers, Holly Davenport, Shelia Schneider, Barb Hicks, Tom Sturtevant, Susie Pine, Colette Tilden, Sandy Christ, Becky White, Trish Hubbard, Joe Mueller, Barbara Monetti

Welcome and Introductions – Peggy Harrison
  Barbara Monetti from Procurement was formally introduced.
Approval of February Minutes – Peggy Harrison
  Correct Pam Bennett’s last name in number 8. 
Approved as amended
Treasurer’s Report – Ms. Susan Malott
  • Educational Scholarship Award balance -552.30
  • SSC Expenditures higher this month. Balance - 1681.95
  • Survival House budget balance - 3310.33
  • Spent a little on miscellaneous items at Wal-Mart this month for Survival House.

We are looking for additional ways to raise money for Educational Award.  Right now we get $20 per month in gift revenue.  We had a bake sale when we first started this award to fund it.  If anyone has suggestions on future fundraising efforts, please email Susan Malott. 

Professional Staff Council Report – Ms. Holly Davenport
  • Last met in February where they formed the committee for SPRC reports and now have council member from each area.  Their committee hasn’t had much response/suggestions. 
  • Discussed the health alternative task force. 
  • Jeff Morris led the discussion about the governance groups having more input to the budget reductions. 
  • Professional staff council hasn’t had an administrative liaison for about 2 years. 
  • SPRC wants to hear suggestions from the different governance groups as well as the website. 
  • Looking to cut 1.7 million, as set by the president. 
  • This may have changed since their last meeting. 
  • Quite a bit of discussion of auxiliary units cutting their budgets. 
  • Don’t plan to raise prices for parking. 
  • Discussed it and they can do all the repairs needed to the parking lots without raising the fees.
Textbook Rentals – Mr. Charlie Rutt – not present
Bowling for the Green – Ms. Kathy Maham
  • Have 10 lanes still available.
  • Have surpassed the bowling rental fee. 
  • Collected many donations, some will be used for extra raffle prizes. 
  • Everyone has until Thursday, March 12 to sign up. 
  • We have coupons that will save you $.50 per person, and donate $.50 to Bowling for the Green.  We are sending one coupon out to each team.  Let Kathy know if you would like extra coupons. 
  • Will be sending an email out with pictures of the auction items.  We will include a blurb to pre-sale raffle tickets. 
  • You can bring off campus people.  There are 4 people per team.
Budget Reduction Committee update – Shelia Schneider
  • Thank you on behalf of Stephanie to the all the committee members.
  • Sent out recommendations in the email yesterday from Stephanie. 
  • Tried to combine like items, did not include direct finger pointing, separated into different categories.  Some of these items are already on the presidents list, but we wanted him to know this was important to Support Staff as well. 
    • 4 day week had a lot of discussion.  We don’t think we could get into place for fall, but think it is feasible for this summer. 
    • Flex time for summer was put out there as an option, but that does not save on utilities.

Does anyone have any comments?  This was purposely not put into any priority level. 

If the departments are going to be combined, we are hopeful that the chair will revert back to full-time faculty and then the office professional would be absorbed by another area. 

The discussion of combining colleges has been taken off the table. 

Some dissent about the four day work week.  We still don’t think it will be cost effective in respect to savings.  We do not see it working successfully during the regular school year. 

The faculty senate’s motion was forwarded to the Support Staff Council Vice President. (It said the faculty should never have anything cut.)   President Podolefsky stated that the cuts will come from Academic Affairs as it is the biggest part of the university.  How those cuts will occur we do not know.   The faculty senate can put forth any motion they wish, but that doesn’t mean it will go into effect. 

We believe SPRC should not tell departments how to spend their money.  (see 4th bullet under management in the recommendations.)  Barb will be able to tell them when she submits our suggestions. 

Under benefits, we said we don’t want to cut or lose benefits, but we are asking for a raise for the lowest paid support staff.  This would be supported by student enrollment.  The president stated in the town meetings that he projected the fall enrollment conservatively.  The actual pay scale has been updated on the HR website.  Plus minimum wage will go up again in June.  Wording will be corrected to “those who are no longer on the pay scale due to the pay scale being adjusted” to indicate people who are now below the minimum. 

When do we plan to submit this?  Probably tomorrow (3/11), as they need it by noon Thursday.  We will have it to Carol Nimmer hopefully by tomorrow.  Any additions/corrections please send to Shelia since Stephanie is out sick. 

Thank you to the committee for all their hard work.

Other discussion - Surplus property area, were they talking about going to State Surplus and buy? Yes, and there is a list on their website.  If you want to go, have your chair or dean send Jo Mueller an email. She will process the paperwork. 

For our surplus office, just call procurement and they can set up a time to have someone meet you out there. 

The state surplus lot is in Jefferson City, so you need to make sure it’s worth the trip.  It might be more efficient if we could have a regular notification to the departments of what is available. 

Support Staff Ed Award
  • You can still submit an application; the deadline has been extended to March 31.
  •   You need to be taking at least 3 credit hours. 
  • Application is on the website, you will submit to Student Financial Services. 
  • So far we have not had any applicants

Support Staff Council Elections are on hold until the council makes a decision on the guidelines.  We have been very disappointed in the electronic ballots.  There were only 7 responses out of 107. 

Barb Hicks is the Support Staff representative on SciQuest.  Hopefully next month Mike Seibert will be here.

The paper is bid by state contract.  UCM doesn’t have our own bids. 

Have we looked into doing more of that for other common supplies?  That is part of the SciQuest.  We do not have the same system as standard copy paper for colored paper.  Quill is price matching, just send the better deal that you’ve found to our rep and he will beat it.  On toner, contact Jim Pryde for GovConnection prices.  Their prices through him are better than their online prices.  This is where SciQuest comes in.  It should compare all of these items from all of the stores.

Smoking receptacles located just outside the entrances, who do we contact to complain?  Building managers.

Meeting adjourned.