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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


May 2009

Support Staff Council

May 19 , 2009

1:30 P.M.

Union 237A

Attendees:   Peggy Harrison, Susan Malott, Kathy Maham, Joyce Stephens, Ginny McTighe, Shelia Schneider, Bettie Moore, Diana Summers, Dorothy Salsman, Linda Regelski, Laurie Delap, Marcia Clemens, Jody Ritter, Sarah Bailey, Terrie Baker, Colette Tilden, Sandy Christ and Julia Kerr.

President Peggy Harrison called the meeting to order, welcoming those in attendance and asking each of the attendees to introduce themself.

Peggy called for any corrections or amendments of the minutes as published.  Being none, the minutes were approved.  Minutes will be submitted for proofing and posted on the web as soon as we can so those not attending can know what happened.

Treasurer Kathy Maham reported the Support Staff Council balance to be $448.95.  The Foundation SSC Educational Award balance is $356.53. The Foundation SSC Survival House account balance is $4,154.10. 

Dorothy Salsman (representing Administrative Liaison, Betty Roberts, VP Finance and Administration) distributed Sustainability @ UCM Energy Savings Initiative programs. The program outlines what will be happening over the next two years.  Meetings will be held for each building to schedule for needs and answer questions. Other things going on include: the budget - no new initiatives presented; Morrow-Garrison renovation - 38-39 bids let in the past two weeks; physical plant under University management as of July 1 - work order system not in place as of today - patience will be appreciated.

Peggy reported on the Board of Governors session she attended on April 23rd. The Board approved the reorganization of the Department of Health and Human Performance to create a Department of Nutrition and a Department of Kinesiology.  Both departments will continue to be aligned in the College of Health and Human Services.  They will not be hiring any additional Office Professionals. Dr. Dirk Nelson will be the Chair for both departments.

Committee Reports:

Survival Adult Abuse Center - Jody Ritter: At the Support Staff Breakfast we raised $534 to go toward a new computer for the Survival Adult Abuse Center. The computer will be purchased and in place by Friday, May 22nd.

Professional Recognition Committee - Jody Ritter: The Support Staff Breakfast was enjoyed by all but the committee feels we need to understand better the costs involved in order to fully appreciate what is being done for us and not waste funds.  For the past two years we have had to go the VPs for donations to help with the breakfast.  The count is reported to Sodexo the morning of the event and since we pay per plate for those registered, when we have no shows it still costs us.  Discussion followed.

The committee would like comments, suggestions, and ideas to consider for next year. Committee members are Pam Bennett, 4771 /; Terrie Baker, 4914 /; Becky White, 4939 /; and Jody Ritter, 4755 /  President Peggy Harrison stressed we want to stay positive.

Strategic Planning and Resource Council - No report.

New Business

Goals: Reviewed last year’s goals and fulfillment.

Discussed goals for 2009-2010 as follows:

2009-2010 Meeting Dates and locations (2nd Tuesday each month, 1:30-2:30 p.m.):

09-JUN-2009       UN 109             13-OCT-2009      UN 238           09-FEB-2010     TBA

14-JUL-2009       UN 235             10-NOV-2009     UN 235           09-MAR-2010   UN 235

11-AUG-2009     UN 235             08-DEC-2009      UN 235           13-APR-2010     UN 235

08-SEP-2009       UN 235             12-JAN-2010       UN 219           11-MAY-2009   UN 235

08-JUN-2010       UN235             

Conceal and Carry legislation - report by Bettie Moore.  As of today the bill has not passed and probably won’t before the end of the session.  UCM has many pro-active response mechanisms in place to keep the campus safe.  The President had requested opinions from the Faculty Senate and the Professional Staff Council on the subject of Conceal and Carry and both reported they were not in support of the bill.

Peggy asked if we should form a committee to draft our response and why.  Those who would consider being on such a committee should email Peggy Harrison.

Peggy suggested we have a Support Staff feature article on one of our own in the Staff Span Newsletter that is published quarterly.  The feature would be a bio and picture so we can know each other better. Volunteers to write articles and take pictures would be appreciated. Paula Beck and Sarah Craig currently work on electronically publishing the newsletter. The Council responded favorably to the suggestion.

The Support Staff Executive Council suggested the possibility of have a yard sale in the Union or on the Union Mall to raise money for the Support Staff Council Educational Award.  The response was positive.  Details will be worked out.  Again, committee volunteers are needed.

Peggy informed us that Greg Biesemeyer had resigned his position as a Support Staff Council Representative from Finance and Administration.

Peggy discussed a variety of awards and incentives possibilities, particularly in regard to partial benefits for permanent part time Support Staff employees.  This would have to be presented to Dr. Roberts, HR and finally the President’s Cabinet for approval.  It is too late to consider for FY10 because the budget has already been approved.

Peggy also suggested we might want to establish a Support Staff Achievement Award similar to the Professional Staff Council’s JP Mees Award. Pending.

The Support Staff Council approved having a monthly drawing to encourage attendance at Support Staff Council meetings.  All members are encouraged to help come up with donated items or certificates to be given away.  To be fair, we ask those that have recently won something in the drawing to withhold submitting their name for a month or two. The winner of the first drawing was Susan Malott, who won a $10.00 gift certificate from Rod’s Hallmark of Warrensburg.

The May 2009 meeting of the Support Staff Council was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be June 9, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. in UN 109.

Respectfully submitted:

Joyce M. Stephens

Support Staff Council Secretary