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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


April 2010

Support Staff Council

April 13, 2010

1:30 P.M.

UN 235

Attendees: Cindy Merryfield, Kathy Maham, Joyce Stephens, Suzan Brown, Brenda Dooley, Ginny McTighe, Tammy Shanks, Shelia Schneider, Tia Milburn, Bettie Moore, Diana Summers, Pam Bennett, Victoria Swope, Sarah Bailey, Dorothy Salsman, Mike Jeffries, Susan Malott, Bev Richardson, Becky White, Sandy Christ, Barb Hicks and Terry Butler.


Support Staff Council Vice-President, Cindy Merryfield, called the April meeting to order and welcomed those present. Personal introductions were made by those present. Cindy announced Susan Malott will be added to our agenda just prior to our guest speaker’s presentation.


Secretary, Joyce Stephens, read a reworded paragraph for the March minutes under Elections Committee. March minutes were approved with the paragraph change.

Treasurer’s Report

Kathy Maham, Treasurer, reported the Support Staff Council account has $1,691.79. The Educational Award balance is $661.03 and the Survival Adult Abuse Center fund stands at $2,707.83. 

Administrative Liaison Report

Dorothy Salsman, proxy for Dr. Betty Roberts, reported they are ready to present a balanced proposed budget to the Board of Governors for FY11 including some proposed graduated salary increases for employees earning less than $30,000 a year. However, there is some question as to whether the state legislature may further decrease funding.  If we receive less than $5.2 million, the undergraduate resident tuition cap may be removed and a new budget would need to be prepared and submitted to the BOG.

The Morrow-Garrison project is behind schedule because of the winter weather. The ESCO project is on schedule and should be completed by fall semester. E-procurement will be rolled out by July 1.

Professional Staff Council Report

Mike Jeffries, Vice Chairman of the Professional Staff Council, reported their group had met on April 8. Today is the final day for their elections. Election results and the JP Mees Award winner will be announced at the Professional Staff Breakfast on Monday, April 19.

Special Guest: Terry Butler, Missouri Safety Center

Terry distributed a brochure and spoke to us about the establishment and history of the Missouri Safety Center. In 1967 UCM (Central Missouri State College) was one of the few colleges offering a degree in high school driver education teacher prep. We were a good fit when Governor Hearnes wanted to create a non-political sister organization to the Missouri Highway Safety Office to address the concerns of highway traffic safety. 

The “Center” now serves as a resource to state departments, business, industry, organizations and private citizens so the expertise of one or any combination of groups can be focused on solutions to public service problems.  It is much more than a driving range.

State programs managed by the MSC include Breath Alcohol Testing Laboratory; Driver Improvement Program; Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program, and SFST (standard field sobriety test) State Coordinator. Other programs offered include: driving programs; crash investigation and reconstruction; state seatbelt and child safety seat observational surveys; driver education teacher prep; CDL 3rd party examiner training; school bus driver training; and traffic and safety conferences.

A major portion of the MSC funding comes from grants. MSC is partnering with Automotive Technology doing a 3 year project on a Department of Energy grant for advanced electric vehicle research.  UCM Automotive Technology will do the technical side researching the drive train and MSC will do the safety side to develop a safety program for companies that will buy these large electric vehicles (2 ton or larger). The safety programs will benefit drivers, first responders and those who come in contact with the batteries and the hazardous parts of the vehicles.  This is the first national grant the MSC has received in a while.

Motorcycle safety classes are starting. The cost is $185 for the general public and $125 for UCM faculty, staff and students.  Driver training classes are scheduled in June and cost $250. They are clearing an area for an ATV and dirt bike track in order to offer safety training to the public, business and industry similar to their driving and motorcycle courses. It should be ready this fall.

Committee Reports


Support Staff Council Education Award

Susan Malott announced Cindy Merryfield and Annette Charles had been selected for SSC education awards.  Susan presented Cindy with her certificate.


Barb Hicks reported the most recent Strategic Planning and Resource Council meeting had been canceled.  Budget concerns for 2012 will be worse than 2011. SPRC will be looking at retrenchment policies again, dividing into 2 work groups, non-instructional programs and instructional programs, to review policies and procedures.  There is also a separate work group, of which Barb is a part, assigned to look at the budget review process and how SPRC contributes to it. 

Barb’s term will be up in May but she is willing to continue serving as the SSC representative on the SPRC.  Ginny McTighe made the nomination and Shelia Schneider seconded. A verbal vote was taken resulting in Barb being reselected.

Elections Committee

Becky White announced the results of our recent election for representatives. Brenda Dooley, Cindy Merryfield and Ginny McTighe representatives and Laurie Delap alternate for Academic Affairs; Joyce Stephens alternate for University Advancement; Virdia Stevens representative and Victoria Swope alternate for University Services.

Library Advisory Council

Joyce Stephens read the Library Advisory Council report submitted by Virdia Stevens. Additional comments were made from the floor.

As a result of a recent survey the LAC has found most users prefer the online access to library resources. The library assessment committee will be sending out a survey to students to see what is needed and wanted by this group. Partnered with the LAC survey, the results should provide a more in-depth concept of what is needed to better serve the library.

The LAC has determined that a review of the Committee’s charge should be done to ensure that the Committee is in compliance.

Although not installed yet, work is progressing on Einstein Bros. Bagels Express in the Library outside the Harmon Computer Commons.

An initiative is underway for a student Success Center (SC) to be housed on the 3rd floor of the library to assist students in their studies and for retention. The SC will include the Writing Center, Learning Center, and supplemental instruction components of Academic Enrichment. All the tutoring will be coordinated through the Success Center. 16 computers from the Harmon Computer Commons have been moved to this area for patron usage.

Office Supply Swap

Diana Summers reported 6 offices participated in Office Supply Swap in conjunction with Bowling for the Green on Thursday, March 18. The offices brought in their supplies and removed the leftover supplies at the end of the allotted time. 

Bowling for the Green

Kathy Maham reported Bowling for the Green made $413.54 each for Support Staff Council Survival House and the Professional Staff Council JP Mees Award. Funding was down from the previous year. Only about 60% of the available lanes were used.  In addition to bowling a silent auction was held. Containers set up for each of the designations for cash donations resulted in $47.00 directly to the JP Mees Award and $34.50 directly to the SSC.  

Support Staff Drawing

Barb Hicks won a Mazzio’s free lunch card.

Old Business


New Business

Elections of new executive officers were held and the following individuals will serve the support staff council beginning May 2010 through April 2011.

President: Brenda Dooley
Vice President: Cindy Merryfield
Treasurer: Diana Summers
Secretary: Joyce Stephens

Brenda was encouraged to delegate and Support Staff members were encouraged to be available to assist her as president to keep this job from being so overwhelming.

Cindy Merryfield reminded us that the Support Staff Council Breakfast is Wednesday, April 21 and the Survival Adult Abuse Center event is April 22, from 6-9 pm at Players.

The meeting was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be May 11, 2010 - 1:30 p.m. – UN 235.

Respectfully submitted:

Joyce M. Stephens

Support Staff Council Secretary