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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


August 2009 (Unapproved Minutes)

Support Staff Council

August 11, 2009

1:30 P.M.

Union 219

Attendees: Susan Malott, Kathy Maham, Joyce Stephens, Brenda Dooley, Ginny McTighe, Cindy Merryfield, Stephanie Myers, Bettie Moore, Diana Summers, Betty Roberts, Mike Jeffries, Sandy Christ, Stephanie Woerth, Tom Sturtevant, Michelle Magee.

Vice President Susan Malott called the meeting to order, asked for a round of introductions and made all welcome.

Other than the room location for the August meeting the minutes were approved as distributed.

Kathy Maham, Treasurer, reported the Support Staff Council account balance to be $1,581.10.  This included $200.00 we are to receive from Student Affairs in support of the breakfast this past April. The Education Award account has $429.03.  The Survival Adult Abuse Center account has $3,383.07.  Expenditures from this fund in the last month include an end of the summer picnic and some purchases for an expectant mother’s needs. Kathy and Susan answered questions regarding additional needs.

Administrative Liaison, Dr. Betty Roberts, VP Finance and Administration, announced she has completed her third year at the University of Central Missouri.  She is beginning to see visions from three years ago coming to fruition.

E-procurement has been put into pilot.  This allows a “Google” type portal from which to purchase using pre-negotiated contracts and one-stop shopping.  Once desired items are selected and the order placed, electronic purchase orders will be sent to the appropriate vendors.  Dr. Roberts and the e-procurement committee know the savings during the first year will only be a portion of the potential since we don’t have good university-wide numbers on the volume of any given type of item purchased in previous years.  E-procurement is a means of creating greater efficiency of time and purchasing expenditures. Dr. Roberts has done two national interviews on e-procurement because UCM is the first mid-size university to embrace it as a means of creating greater efficiency.

Recycling. The dialogue was to institutionalize this to the degree we can. Students, Nick McDaniels and Manuel (Manny) Abarca, Assistant Sustainability Coordinators in the Office of Sustainability, were highly praised by Dr. Roberts for the job they are doing. They have run a pilot program in limited areas of the university and are waiting on containers to distribute throughout the campus.  Recycling at UCM is a student initiative.  A recycling relationship has been developed with Heartland Waste with no additional cost to the university.  Nick and Manny have trained the university custodial staff in the collecting of recyclable materials that are placed in the containers.  Previously, the SGA had promoted recycling through the Sheltered Workshop. But, the Sheltered Workshop could not handle the recycling volume an institution our size produces. Dr. Roberts has encouraged these two students to continue to grow this initiative through SGA and the Student Environmental Club.  Nick and Manny have done a partnership with Coca-Cola and they are working with Anheuser Busch to get bins at a $10,000.00 savings to the university.  Dr. Roberts is excited about what they are doing in the name of sustainability.  Response from those present was positive excitement to have this type of program going campus wide.

Dr. Roberts encouraged us to meet Chris Wellman, the new UCM Director of Facilities.

ESCO is well under way. It is a $36.1 million project.  It is the largest retrofit project in higher education today.  It relates to $20 million in deferred maintenance on this campus and $16.1 million in energy retrofits. We have over 100 subcontractors currently on campus.  We are not only doing ESCO but are also doing the Student Recreation Center and Morrow Garrison.  On the student side, there will renovations to one or two of the residential facilities. New contracts have been consummated with Sodexo to do new food courtes. 

The ESCO project is about energy savings and will be ongoing for two years.  There will be green screens placed around campus as informational tools.  We are working with Trane to try to set up work force development activities and internships - all those things dealing with corporate relations.

Additional parking for this fall has been leased and the City of Warrensburg has agreed to allow some street parking.

Scott Alvested, Manager of the Annual Fund, Office of Alumni Relations and Development, was our special guest speaker. Scott provided each of us a folder containing information on frequently asked questions, how faculty/staff giving at UCM makes a difference, the importance of annual giving, and the Culp-Feidt Fountain. A University of Central Missouri Payroll Deduction Authorization form was also included.

Most people give to charitable organizations within their community and beyond. When the foundation solicits for gifts to UCM they want you to include them in addition to your other giving, not in place of it.  Scott’s focus is annual gifts, which can go to any number of specific designations.  One of his main responsibilities is The Central Annual Fund.  It covers general operations and greatest need. This year they are focusing greatest need to encompass primarily scholarship payouts.

Participation in Faculty/Staff giving is a significant contributor to ratings we receive increasing the opportunity to obtain external corporation and foundation support. One gift of any size is all it takes to be counted. Students and programs will benefit from any gift your financial situation allows.  There are a large variety of designations to which you can give support, such as the Support Staff Council, scholarships, your college, your department or special programs within your area. Scott encouraged each of us, that if we weren’t already giving, to look at our resources to see if we can help support this university and its mission to provide the best possible educational experience for its students.  

All gifts made through the UCM Foundation are tax deductible if you file itemized taxes.  Gifts made through payroll deduction are an easy way to give a little each pay period. Be proud you are giving back to your institution and of how you are helping the students with whom you work.

A question was asked regarding having a list available of all the designations to which to give. Scott said he would take back the request and see what could be done about having a list published on the web site that is updated periodically.

Additional comment was made about donated goods and services needing to be reported.  Forms are available online and should be initiated by the college or department receiving the goods and/or services.  The foundation issues the official verification of receipt the donor will use for tax purposes.

It was emphasized employee giving to KMOS or KTBG is also counted as faculty/staff giving.

Mike Jeffries, Vice Chairman of the Professional Staff Council, reported the Professional Staff Council will meet on Thursday, August 13. Items on the agenda include:

On a personal note, Mike announced the Office of Atomic Learning will be hosting an on-line scavenger hunt open to all faculty, staff and students.  An IPod Shuffle is the grand prize.  Watch for announcements.  He would appreciate any input or comments.

Committee Reports

Susan Malott reported the Finger Food Frenzy Summer Social was a huge success. Those attending felt the Ward Edwards Atrium was a good location for the event. Although there was a problem with the food waiver, it came down to a miscommunication with Sodexo.  We had good attendance, good food and over three paper boxes of back-to-school items collected for Johnson County schools.

Support Staff Drawing

Tom Sturtevant won a free Mazzio’s lunch card and Sandy Christ won a game of bowling at UCM Cosmo Bowl.

Old Business

Diana Summers asked for input in regard to the annual office supply swap.

Suggestions given included:

Mike Jeffries mentioned the use of podcasts, wikkis or blogs as considerations to getting information out.

There was no other old business.

Susan called for new business.  There being none, the meeting was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be September 8, 2009 - 1:30 p.m. - UN 235.

Respectfully submitted:

Joyce M. Stephens

Support Staff Council Secretary