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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


December 2007

Support Staff Council

Attendance:  Debbie Combs, Belva Farnsworth, Brenda Dooley, Peggy Harrison, Cindy Merryfield, Kathy Maham, Susan Malott, Dean Murphy, Pam Bennett (Alt), Karen O’Keefe, Joyce Stephens (Alt), and Zach Lewis.

Guests:  Amy Yancey, Judy Kenney, Diane Ward, Becky White, Tracy Martens, Rick Dixon, Mona Duncan, Donna Mayeux, Robin Terrell, Jill Larsen, Jennifer Brown, Sharon Brinton, Gretchen Reynolds, Sandy Christ, Shelia Schneider, Penny Lund, Judith Siminoe, Michael Wright, Michelle Schulz, Emily Merchant, and Candy Coey.

Debbie Combs called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the October 9, 2007 meeting were approved.  The meeting scheduled for November 13, 2007 was cancelled.

Treasurer’s Report - Susan Malott
An interest was expressed regarding the funds in our accounts. 

Susan reported the Survival House balance is $3,897.79.  A question was presented on whether this money earns interest, and Susan will find out.  The balance of the Educational Award account is $482.03 after (2) $250 awards were given in September.  The balance in the Support Staff account is $746.76.

Solid Gold Award - Judy Kenney
Judy presented awards for November and December 2007 to:
Penny Lund, Community Engagement, nominated by Michelle Schulz, Meeting and Conference Services.
Amy Yancey, Teacher Certification, nominated by Jerry Neal, Special Education.
Candy Coey, custodial working in the Union, nominated by Sarah Catron, Parking Services.
Sharon Brinton, Admin. and Finance, nominated by Judith Siminoe, General Counsel.
Sandy Christ, Modern Languages, nominated by Dot Robbins, Modern Languages.
Debbie Combs, Donna Mayeux, and Mona Duncan, Academic Affairs, nominated by Robin Terrell, Academic Affairs.

(PSC) Professional Staff Council Report - Zach Lewis
-Zach stated the PSC will help with the expense of supplying hot chocolate at the Holiday Social, but he needed an amount to report at his meeting on Thursday.
-Registration forms will go out this week for the Missouri College Personnel Association (MOCPA) conference for support staff at Washington University in St. Louis on Friday, March 14.  The registration fee is $35.  Zach will be sending out information soon.

Master Plan Update - Karen O’Keefe
Sarah Bailey, member of the Master Plan committee, was unavailable and Karen presented the update for Sarah.  On June 1, 2007, UCM requested submittal of proposals from firms interested in providing consulting services to develop a new Campus Master Plan for facilities.  UCM wants to develop a comprehensive plan that integrates the requirements of the institution’s vision and guiding principles.  There will be two phases.  The first will be to accomplish a review and evaluation of all existing campus facilities along with a comprehensive space analysis.  Phase 2 will identify current and facility requirements and prepare a plan for development of the campus to address those requirements.  Gould Evans Associates, LC of Kansas City, Mo received the bid.  The final plan should be completed September 2008.  Everyone associated with the campus will be given a chance to provide input.  Any questions may be emailed to Sarah Bailey.

Survival House Committee Update - Diane Ward and Gretchen Reynolds
On Tuesday, Dec. 18, a meeting will be held to meet with Brad Schulte to determine the needs of the Survival House.  An email will be sent to support staff with a list of needs for the families to be donated at the Holiday Social.  The committee will be setting goals and planning the budget.  It was suggested to keep about $1,500 in an emergency fund.

Salary Proposal Committee Update - Sheila Schneider
Sheila reported the Governance Task Force on Compensation will meet tomorrow to discuss the charge coming from the faculty senate.  The SSC committee has a charge already, and she’s going forward with that proposal.  The basics of the SSC committee proposal is to have the pay scale adjusted every year for the cost of living and to initiate steps to get employees to the midpoint of their pay range by their fifth year of service at UCM to include steps on how to achieve this.  It was also noted that merit pay not be considered for the support staff until all supervisors have been properly trained in completing evaluations and that those evaluations be completed consistently across campus.  Key issues noted by Sheila regarding the committee’s findings:  1.  The support staff would like to see improvements in the salary scale at least.  2.  The support staff is not in favor of the merit pay system at this time.  Sheila will send an email with the proposal and attached schedules to all support staff and will request that they provide input no later than January 4th.  Debbie Combs and the SSC thanked Sheila and the committee for their hard work in gathering and compiling information to complete the proposal.

Tracy Martens reported that she is on the Facilities, Planning and Operations committee that is seeking bids from vendors providing services for food and facilities.  The process is currently in the drafting stage and so far there are only two bidders, Sodexho and Aramark.  Aramark’s contract ends this year.  Tracy will send an email to the faculty and staff requesting any concerns they may have regarding the new contract. 

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 8 at 1:30 in Union 125