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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


February 2008

Support Staff Council

Attendance: Debbie Combs, Brenda Dooley, Peggy Harrison, Ginny McTighe (Alt), Kathy Maham, Susan Malott, Dean Murphy, Pam Bennett (Alt), Joyce Stephens (Alt), and Diana Summers (Alt).

Guests: Dale Land, Patty Roberts, Susan Graham, Trisha Boyd, Sarah Craig, Juanita Blackton, Teresa Huffman, Paula Beck, Kristen Plummer, Michelle Schulz, Becky Wilson, Ken Cline, Ann Davis, Janice Putnam, Julia Kerr, Sandy Christ, Barb Hicks, Michele Muin, Tracy Martens, Ann Legreid, Kimberly Courtwright, Shelia Schneider, Marla Selvidge, Becky White, and Stephanie Woerth.

Debbie Combs called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the January 8, 2008 meeting were approved with one clarification.

Treasurer’s Report – Susan Malott
Susan gave account balances: Foundation Survival House $3,879.74, SSC account $668.76, and Foundation Educational Award $542.03. A Survival House committee member responded to a question regarding the amount of funds in the Survival account. The money in that account is for Survival’s special needs, and supplies are donated as needed.

Solid Gold Award – Barb Hicks
Barb presented awards for January 2008 to:
1. Paula Beck, Meeting and Conference Services, nominated by Becky Wilson, Kristen Plummer and Michelle Schulz, Meeting and Conference Services.
2. Kimberly Courtwright, Academic Enrichment, nominated by Jon Long, Academic Enrichment.
3. Sarah Craig, Geography, nominated by Ann M. Legreid, Chair, and faculty members of the Department of Geography and Center for Women’s and Gender Studies.
4. Ann Davis, Nursing Department, nominated by Janice Putnam, Nursing.
5. Susan Graham, MO Center for Career Education, nominated by Nancy Fedorchak, MO Center for Career Education.
6. Patty Roberts, Military Science, nominated by Master Sergeant Dale W. Land, Military Science and Leadership.

Professional Staff Council Report – Zach Lewis
Zach Lewis was not present to give an update.

Administrative Liaison – Dr. Betty Roberts
Dr. Roberts was not present to give an update.

MoCPA Support Staff Conference - Debbie Combs
Debbie reminded members about the 2008 MoCPA Support Staff Drive-In to be held in St. Louis at Washington University on Friday, March 14. The registration is $35 per person and is due by March 1. Micky Muin reported the Women’s Commission has about $1,000 remaining to help pay for employees’ expenses, but they must submit an application soon.

Update on Salary Proposal – Debbie Combs
Debbie requested a meeting with President Podolefsky to also include Belva Farnsworth and Sheila Schneider regarding the SSC salary proposal. A copy of the proposal was provided to the president, and Debbie was told that he wanted to establish procedures for salary proposals as he received them. Debbie will follow up with the President’s office on the status of the proposal.

Strategic Plan Update – George Wilson
George provided a revised copy of the reconciliation committee’s draft on the mission statement and goals. He is requesting that the governance committees create a single revision of this draft reflecting their thoughts. George stated that the mission statement should make all those who read it feel as if they are truly included in that statement. The goals should be inspirational and are important to support accomplishments of the mission. Suggestions/revisions may be sent to Trisha Boyd who is on the Strategic Plan Committee as a representative for the support staff council. Trisha recommended reviewing the original draft and comparing it to this latest draft before making a revision. Carole Nimmer will email the electronic copy of this draft along with the original draft to faculty and staff and also include the deadline date for the requested revision.

Support Staff Education Award – Susan Malott
Applications for the Support Staff Education Award must be received by the office of Student Financial Services by March 1. Two $250 awards will be awarded. Support staff employees that are fulltime, part-time, and non-exempt, can apply for these awards.

Facilities, Planning and Operations Update – Tracy Martens
Two bid proposals received from Aramark and Sodexho are being reviewed for the Food Services and Facilities Planning and Operations areas. The five year contract with one year renewals will be awarded based on a rating system. Any concerns/issues can still be sent to Tracy Martens for review.

New E-Mail Notification of Package Delivery Process – Debbie Combs
Debbie had a request to have the SSC discuss the recent process put into place by Procurement and Materials Management in regards to the new e-mail notification of package delivery. Some of the issues that were discussed were: 1. Recipients of the emails: How did they determine who would receive them? 2. It was noted that if deliveries are made by the Setups area, a charge would be applied to the receiving department’s budget. 3. Why did some users receive the email after the delivery was already accomplished? Debbie Combs will request that these issues and possibly others be addressed by the office of Procurement and Materials Management.

A question was asked if the Support Staff Handbook still exists. The answer was no, but Human Resources has a handbook available online. Faculty employees have their own handbook.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 11 at 1:30 in Union 235.