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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


February 2010

Support Staff Council

February 9 , 2010

1:30 P.M.


Attendees: Peggy Harrison, Cindy Merryfield, Joyce Stephens,  Brenda Dooley, Ginny McTighe, Sami Babrakzai, Shelia Schneider, Tia Milburn, Diana Summers, Pam Bennett, Sarah Bailey, Sharon Brinton, Mike Jeffries, Jody Ritter, Becky White, Sandy Christ, Teresa Huffman, Alice Dempsey, Trisha Boyd, Terrie Baker, and Colette Tilden.


Support Staff Council President, Peggy Harrison, called the February meeting to order and welcomed those present. Alice Dempsey, staff replacement for Susie Mysiewicz was introduced. Everyone introduced themselves and where they worked.

December Minutes

The January minutes were approved as submitted earlier.

Treasurer’s Report

Kathy Maham, Treasurer, was not able to attend.  The balances have not changed except for monthly donations.

Professional Staff Council Report

Mike Jeffries, Vice Chairman of the Professional Staff Council reported they met on Thursday, January 14. Reports were heard from several individuals and committees. The JP Mees award is now open for nominations and will be announced at the Professional Staff Council Breakfast on April 19.

Administrative Liaison Report

Sharon Brinton, Administrative Assistant, proxy for Administrative Liaison Dr. Betty Roberts, VP Finance and Administration, reported the ESCO projects should be completed by the end of next summer.  If your area needs some tweaks or additional follow up on ESCO projects, report them to your building supervisor.  These items will be taken care of when a final punch list is prepared.

E-Procurement training is going on again. Training is preferred to be done by department if possible. It was also recommended each trainee bring one or more actual orders to follow through the process.

The second round of Blue Cross and Blue Shield reimbursement funds have been disbursed to qualified employees.  Your unused fall disbursement, received in November, rolled over.  If you have questions on how to access these funds contact your HR representative.  Please take advantage of the funds that have been provided.

Committee Reports


Barb Hicks, Support Staff Council representative on the Strategic Planning and Resource Council, submitted the following report, read to the council by Peggy Harrison.

“The SPRC continues to review items (one-time and reductions to base) to be used for the budget reallocation for FY2011.

At the January 28 meeting a motion was passed to recommend that there be no across the board raises for FY2011. Everyone, staff and faculty both, was of two minds on this subject. Going another year without a raise is detrimental to morale and to our pocketbooks, but having to cut jobs now or in the future is something everyone wants to avoid if at all possible.

We meet again on February 11 and will have information about what other MO institutions are doing in regards to tuition increases for graduate students or students enrolling in online courses.”

Educational Award

In Susan Malott’s absence Peggy Harrison encouraged support staff members to apply for the Education Award if they are taking classes.  The application needs to be completed fully in order to qualify.  It is easy money to get. The funds will be put into your account and can be used as needed.  The deadline for application is March 1. The application can be found at

Support Staff Recognition Breakfast

Jody Ritter reported the support staff breakfast will be on April 21 from 8:30-10:00 am. The breakfast will be a buffet.  Email Jody Ritter, Pam Bennett, Terry Baker or Becky White if you have likes, dislikes or preferences for them to consider.  A couple of students are working with Becky White on an e-vite format using our Banner ID numbers (700 . . .) that should eliminate duplicate reservations.  We were asked to be sure and mark our calendars once we have made the reservation.  Also, if you make a reservation and find you cannot attend, please call one of the above people to cancel.  The reservation count is reported to Sodexo early on the morning of the breakfast.  We have to pay for the count whether you are present or not.  An emergency is understood, rudeness is not.

The Survival House Adult Abuse Center will be presenting the Clarence Bailey Award to the Support Staff Council during the breakfast and the new Outstanding Support Staff Award recipient will be announced.

Support Staff Drawing

Jody Ritter won a Mazzio’s free lunch card.

Office Supply Swap

Diana Summers reported that no plans have been made.  There was discussion of having it along with Bowling for the Green during spring break. Please call Diana if you have suggestions. 

New Business

Becky White, Support Staff Council Election Committee Chair, reported that it is election time.  It is a big election this time.  Becky will be contacting those currently serving on the council to verify status. We were encouraged to consider serving on the Executive Council (President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer) as well as representatives, alternates.

A question was raised as to whether the Support Staff Council web pages were up-to-date. Peggy Harrison confirmed she felt most were but did have a few things needing to be updated.

Bowling for the Green 

(No official report because of Kathy Maham’s absence.)

Reminder: The Bowling for the Green fundraiser will be March 18, 2010.

The meeting was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be March 9, 2010 - 1:30 p.m. – UN 235.

Respectfully submitted:

Joyce M. Stephens

Support Staff Council Secretary