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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


February 2012

Support Staff Council Minutes
February 14, 2012
1:30 P.M. - UN 235

Attendees: Brenda Dooley, Cindy Merryfield, Diana Summers, Joyce Stephens, Suzan Brown, Keri Busker, Ginny McTighe, Tia Milburn, Virdia Stevens, Jo Greife, Victoria Swope, Teri Bowman, Keondria McClish and Ardith Sampson.


Brenda Dooley, Support Staff Council President, called the February meeting to order and welcomed those attending.  


Apologizing for having failed to include a copy of the January minutes with the meeting agenda, Brenda said we would postpone the approval of January minutes until next month. Joyce Stephens stated that the “Pending Approval” minutes were also being sent to Sarah Craig to be posted on the Support Staff Council web site at Minutes should be available to read within 2 weeks of the meeting date.

Treasurer’s Report

Diana Summers, Treasurer, reported the Support Staff Council balance as $1,391.53, having received $300.00 from Administration & Finance to help pay for the 2012 Support Staff breakfast.  The balance also includes $275.18 that is dedicated to the Outstanding Support Staff Award.  The Support Staff Council Education Award has a balance of $847.98. The Survival Adult Abuse Center fund balance is $2,167.33.  Brenda asked for any questions.  Cindy Merryfield made a motion to approve the report.  Ginny McTighe seconded the motion.  A voice vote was taken and the Treasurer’s Report was approved.

Administrative Liaison

Reporting for Dr. Sluder who was unable to attend, Teri Bowman, Registrar’s Office, reported the President’s Cabinet continues to be preparing for projected budget reductions. An important component of the plan is the hiring freeze (except for positions of a critical nature.) A strong support and interest continues to be generated for the proposed Lee’s Summit Innovation Campus.  On campus candidate interviews for the Provost position are upcoming and support staff are encourage to attend the forums and provide feedback.

Professional Staff Council Report

Beth Rutt was unable to attend.

Committee Reports

Due to the scheduled time the Tobacco Policy Committee meets, our current representative is unable to attend.  Brenda asked that if anyone would like to volunteer to serve on this committee to please let her or Cindy Merryfield know.  If there is not a volunteer from someone on the council, an email will go out to support staff across campus asking for a volunteer.

Old Business:

The Election Committee completed the January elections to fill two 1-year positions on the Support Staff Council.  The candidates being voted to these positions were Brenda Dooley and Joyce Stephens.  The committee will continue with nominations of individuals to serve 2 and 3- year terms.  Watch your emails and please vote.

New Business:

President’s Initiative – Habitat for Humanity build

Dr. Shari Bax talked to us about the upcoming cooperation of the University of Central Missouri, Johnson County R-VI and Johnson County Habitat for Humanity to build the next Habitat home in Warrensburg with completion by graduation 2013.  The University has pledged $20,000 in support from the campus with funds to be raised by the end of this semester.  The Support Staff Council is being asked to support the President’s Initiative by sponsoring at least one fundraiser toward this goal.

A blitz build is scheduled for the Week of Welcome next August with all the walls going up in 1 week. Support staff should also consider having a Support Staff build-day during the fall semester.

The President wants the University to have a part in this project because it gives us a way to impact the community and do it using the variety of talents we have on this campus.

MOCPA Conference

Ginny McTighe encouraged support staff to consider attending the upcoming 2012 MOCPA Support Staff Drive-In Conference at Westminister College in Fulton, MO.  This is a huge networking experience for support staff. If you are interested in attending, the President’s Commission on Women has funds available to help cover expenses.  To apply, you will need to submit your request to Michele (Micki) Muin. We were also reminded that professional entitlement days are available to support staff.


Brenda invited us to have some dialog about how we do the breakfast and ultimately how it gets funded each year. Discussion followed.

A discussion was had to discuss possible ideas for a fundraiser in support of the President’s Initiative as presented by Dr. Bax. 

If anyone has ideas on either the breakfast or the fundraiser, please contact Brenda Dooley.

Brenda adjourned the meeting at 2:40 pm.

Our next meeting will be March 13, 2012 – 1:30 pm – UN 235

Respectfully submitted:

Joyce M. Stephens

Support Staff Council Secretary