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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


January 2008

Support Staff Council

Attendance: Belva Farnsworth, Brenda Dooley, Peggy Harrison, Cindy Merryfield, Kathy Maham, Susan Malott, Pam Bennett (Alt), Joyce Stephens (Alt), and Betty Roberts.

Guests: Diana Summers, Julia Kerr, Colette Tilden, Becky White, Shelia Schneider, Brenda Wilson, Sarah Roy, Michelle Muin, and Sharon Brinton.

Belva Farnsworth called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the December 11, 2007 meeting were approved.

Administrative Liaison – Dr. Betty Roberts
Betty gave a review of what was going on around campus.
-In the facilities area, requests for qualifications for architecture, engineering and construction management are currently being sought. Funding of $36 million has been confirmed for the construction: For Morrow Garrison, $13 million will come from the state and $2 million will come from private donor funding. For the student recreation center, $21 million will come from the student referendum. 
-A $.2 million bond has been sought to revamp the Pertle Springs golf course. They are looking at acquiring a PGA type course, and the program will be accredited by PGM (Pro Golf Management) through the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies. There are only 17 locations nationwide counting UCM’s, and there will only be 25 total nationally.
-The airport will receive an allocation of $1.5 million to extend the runway. 90% of the funding is to be received from the state and 10% will be received from a local match.
-It was also determined that formal standardized procedures were required for capital projects greater than $300,000 and for those less than $300,000.
-On the revenue side, new procedures are being sought to tighten up the collection process for students that have not paid tuition yet.
-The new Master Plan is underway and the bid has been awarded to Gould Evans from Kansas City, MO. UCM has had two meetings with them so far. The company has looked at two areas to date, the airport and the golf course. The plan will address the next ten years and beyond. Gould Evans has subcontracted Paulien and Associates to complete a space analysis on campus to create an inventory in terms of space usage. It’s important to determine how the campus can grow to accommodate future needs. Town meetings will be held so all can have input into desired needs around campus.
-Purchasing: New contracts are up for bids for renewal or a new company for management of food contracts at the Union, residential halls, and concession areas and for cleaning of facilities. The current contract for food is with Sodexho and the facilities contract is with Aramark. A pre-bid conference will be held on January 16 and will be completed by the April timeframe. They will be rebidding the vending agreement. The support staff representative for the evaluation team is Tracy Martens. She will report to the support staff on the progress of the endeavor.
-Cash handling procedures for the university are being developed by Mike Lucas.

Treasurer’s Report – Susan Malott
Susan reported on the current balances in accounts: Educational Award account is $502.03, Support Staff council is $746.76, and the Foundation – Survival House is $3,880.93. The question was asked at the last support staff meeting about whether the Survival account earns interest, and the answer was no.

Social Committee – Ms. Terrie Baker
Terrie was not present, but Belva had a question presented to her. Cindy Moore requested that the Lovinger gym be reserved next year on Dec. 17 for the holiday social. A response during the meeting was that the floors in the gym are usually stripped that time of year.

Salary Proposal Report and Vote – Sheila Schneider
Sheila reported the feedback received on the salary proposal was generally positive. Some small changes were required before it was to be completed. She reiterated the bullet points of the proposal: to move support staff to midpoint and that midpoint would change in accordance to inflation as necessary. It was also stated that support staff are not interested in merit pay until the evaluation process has proven to be consistent across campus.
A vote was taken on whether to go forward with the salary proposal to the next step, and the vote was a unanimous yes from the council. The next step is for the Executive committee (Debbie Combs) to present the proposal to the president. He will decide if the proposal in entirety or a portion thereof should then go the Board of Governors for review.
Sheila Schneider and Cindy Merryfield both attended the Governance Task Force on Compensation meeting recently. This task force works mainly on policy and procedures, not the money issues. They look at issues that prove to be a common ground between the support staff, professional staff and the faculty groups.

Julia Kerr wanted to get the word out that the Lighthouse will be closing soon, and how important this facility is to the campus and the local community. People need to speak up and have their voice heard to possibly keep the facility operating. They can contact Amy Kiger, Michelle Schulz, or the Health Center. The Lighthouse is located in Richards Hall, which is scheduled to be demolished in the near future. The Lighthouse is the first step for students to receive information, ideas, and just talk to someone before they make decisions on what they need to do. Confidentiality is of great importance to the student involved. The facility is primarily run by students, and it may provide some comfort to clients when they come in and talk to someone close to their age. The Lighthouse also serves as the liaison between the faculty, staff and the student involved. For example, if a student can’t attend a particular class for a couple of days, a staff person at the Lighthouse can call the instructor to inform them of the situation. The campus is looking at combining the services of the Lighthouse with Counseling & Psychological Services. However; clients may feel it is more confidential for them to meet with Lighthouse staff in Richards Hall or a location that’s somewhat separate from the rest of the campus, verses in a regular campus building.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 12 at 1:30 in Union 304/306.