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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


July 2010

Support Staff Council Minutes

July 13, 2010

1:30 P.M. - UN 235

Attendees: Brenda Dooley, Joyce Stephens, Cindy Merryfield, Diana Summers, Sarah Bailey, Jo Greife, Peggy Harrison, Betty Roberts, Virdia Stevens, Victoria Swope, April Sanders, Sandy Christ, and Colette Tilden.


Brenda Dooley, Support Staff Council President, called the July meeting to order and welcomed those present. Personal introductions were made by those present.


Cindy Merryfield made a motion to approve the May 11 minutes, Sarah Bailey seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken with all in favor. Cindy Merryfield then made a motion to approve the June 8 minutes, Sarah Bailey seconded this motion. A voice vote was taken with all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report

Diana Summers, Treasurer, reported the Survival Adult Abuse Center fund stands at $2,898.33. The Educational Award balance is $748.03 and the Support Staff Council account has $324.85. This includes $139.72 that is still available from money raised for the SSC Award.

Professional Staff Council Report

Lisa Schmidt, Vice Chairman of the Professional Staff Council, was unable to attend but submitted a written report with highlights of their meeting of June 17.

Committee Reports

No one had committee reports at this time.

Old Business

A question was raised as to whether we had decided on how to support the Survival Adult Abuse Center Capitol funds campaign. A discussion was had centering on how much we might want to give out of the funds we have; how to challenge others across campus to support this campaign; and the need to encourage all support staff to make an annual donation or continuous payroll deduction to either the SSC Foundation designation from which we are able to provide assistance to the Survival Adult Abuse Center or the SSC Educational Award Foundation designation.

Consensus was that we could contribute $1,000.00 pending Survival House Committee approval.  Further discussion on a challenge and individual support will be put on the August agenda.

New Business

Brenda suggested we need to work on our goals for 2010-2011.  Cindy said she would work on the goals based on previous goals and have for discussion at the August meeting.

Brenda also mentioned Beth Rutt's request for information from SSC to be printed in a "back to school" publication she puts out for fall term. After the meeting, Cindy volunteered to help Brenda out by doing this for her.

Peggy Harrison read a card and note from Trish Hubbard, our first Outstanding Support Staff Award winner.

Administrative Liaison Report

Dr. Betty Roberts, Administrative Liaison, reported on the following items:

Support Staff Drawing

Peggy Harrison won a Mazzio’s free lunch card.  Sarah Bailey won a UCM pennant.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.

Our next meeting will be August 10, 2010 - 1:30 p.m. – UN 306. One week prior to school starting.

Respectfully submitted:

Joyce M. Stephens

Support Staff Council Secretary