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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


May 2008

Support Staff Council
May 13, 2008
1:30 P.M.
Union 235

Attendance: Stephanie Myers- Communications, Greg Biesemeyer- Public Safety, Sarah Bailey- KMOS, Debbie Combs- Academic Affairs, Brenda Dooley- Communications Disorders, Kathy Maham- Telecommunications, Ginny McTighe (Alt)- English, Cindy Merryfield- Career & Technology Education, Tracy Nichol-Martens (Alt)- Conference Services, Joyce Stephens (Alt)- Development SAC, Diana Summers (Alt)- Accounts Payable, Gretchen Reynolds- Student Affairs

Guests: Laura McCrillis- Alumni Relations, Ernestine Westerhold- Library Public Services, James Obertino- English, Susie Mysiewicz- Accounts Payable, Sharon Brinton- Administration and Finance, Becky White- Mathematics, Andrea Huggans- Academic Advisement, Shelly Brito- School of Technology, Judith Raub- Foundation SAC, Trish Hubbard- Physics

Welcome and Introductions
Stephanie welcomed everyone to her first meeting.

Approval of March Minutes
The Minutes of the April 8, 2008 meeting were approved with one spelling correction.

Solid Gold Awards – Stephanie Myers
The PR committee has contacted our president and they have decided that the solid gold awards have run their course. This is the last month solid gold awards will be handed out. If you have suggestions or any new ideas, please send to Barb Hicks. We have several nominations this month. We all should get a solid gold as a lot of people on this campus are helpful and friendly.

This month’s recipients are:
1. Glenda Carmack, Biology and Earth Science, nominated by Ray Voorhees of Biology.
2. Ginny McTighe, English and Philosophy, nominated by James Obertino of English.
3. Judith Raub, UCM Foundation, nominated by Dr. Peterson, Mark Pearce & Leslie Swank   of Broadcasting Services.
4. Shelly Brito, School of Technology, nominated by Gerald Kangas, Scott Wilson, Richard Bruce & Richard Lacy of School of Technology.
5. Jessica Boyer, Parking Services, nominated by Sarah Catron of Parking Services.
6. Ernestine Westerhold, Classroom Media Resources, nominated by Jenise Comer of Sociology & Social Work.
7. Andrea Huggans, Academic Advisement, nominated by Doug Couch of Academic Advisement.
8. Kathy Forste, KMOS-TV, nominated by Michael O’Keefe of KMOS-TV.
9. Christine Cento-Ownby, Curriculum & Instruction, nominated by Katherine Leslie of Curriculum &    Instruction.
10. Trish Hubbard; Biochemistry, Chemistry, & Physics; nominated by Wayne Stalick of Biochemistry, Chemistry & Physics.

Professional Staff Council Report – Stephanie Myers
At their May meeting last week, they discussed the salary issue again and approved a 4% across the board increase, to go into effect after Governor Blunt has signed off on the budget. There is also a minimum increase of $880 for employees making below $22,000. If someone is making $20K and their 4% only comes up to $800 then they will receive a minimum increase of $880. Once again, this planned increase contingent on approval of the submitted state budget by Governor Blunt.

Administrative Liaison – Sharon Brinton for Dr. Roberts
Reminder there is now Microsoft Office 07 software available in the bookstore for $14.95 for those of us who need access at home. Dr. Roberts has championed this as a nice perk for us. Food and facilities contracts are still in the works. We want to get the very best deal we can. Morrow Garrison is still in the design phase, determining what the needs are. The budget is pending appropriations, now we have to wait for the state to work its magic. UCM employees have been a very big topic budget wise and we are trying to reward our hard work.

Comment on the Microsoft – if you’re working from home, you should be getting paid for that. If we have it available to us, whether we work at home or not we can still get it for $14.95 and that is a tremendous benefit. It is not paid by your department, it is a personal use thing and it comes out of your pocket. It is good for when you are sick working at home, or home with a sick child. If you feel like there is an application for you and a reason that it would be helpful to have it on your home computer you can call Charlie to see if you’re eligible. Microsoft’s definition is if you have that kind of a job where you can foresee a need, then you are eligible. Buy it, install it, enjoy it. It is a true blessing for faculty. It came up during budget season, and there was a real need for the 07 interface. Accessibility is defined by your position at the university. Would a part-time employee qualify? Limited by job definition, but she did not hear whether it was full-time or part-time. (Read email sent by Charlie Rutt- no mention of part-time or full-time status.) Sounds like an extra benefit to our job. Honor the limitation that we install it on our home computer only and enjoy. What’s the deadline on the state’s vote for the budget? It should be within the next few weeks as their session is about finished.

Survival House Committee– Gretchen Reynolds
The Survival House Committee met on May 1, 2008. The Survival Volunteer Coordinator met with us to discuss current needs. He reported there were currently 2 mothers in residence at the house and that with school nearing an end, some items were needed for outdoor play.

For Mother's Day the committee provided each mother with decorated buckets filled with lotions, body spray, candies, and a $55 gift certificate to Euphoria Salon and Day Spa. The certificate can be used for any of the salon services from hair services, to pedicures, to massages.

The committee also purchased $50 Wal-Mart cards to be given to the residents to purchase swim suits or other summer gear. We also purchased sidewalk chalk, sidewalk paint, bubble buckets, and playground balls for the children living in the house. We are in the process of purchasing swim passes for the residents and children to use at the Community Center as well.

Survival House is still accepting old cell phones that are then reprogrammed for them to use as emergency phones. In addition, they have informed us that they work closely with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Johnson County and suggest if anyone has good, used clothing to donate, they drop it off at the Big Brothers/Big Sisters on College Street.

There was much support for the mother’s day gifts. We were able to do it without asking for donations, but are trying to use our funds wisely. Any news about changing the house? They are looking right now at either purchasing or building a new house, but it is tricky to keep it quiet, as it cannot be widely public knowledge. They did have the rotary club donated the big heavy duty washers & dryers and some other club just purchased a dishwasher. They are not interested in us updating the room we adopted until they decide if they are going to be able to move. If you ever have any ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks were given to the committee members for putting in the time. Items that are left in lost and found offices can be dropped off at the Big Brothers Big Sisters instead of throwing them away. Survival house also works with the Clothes Closet. (Gretchen)

Master Plan Committee Report– Sarah Bailey
We meet about every 3 weeks. Right now they are in the process of asking questions, holding town meetings, and sending out surveys. Not a lot of people are coming to the town meetings. Usually they hear what they already know, but they are listening. It is a ten year plan. When you see an announcement for a town meeting, please try to come. I was rather surprised that it isn’t better attended. We are in the process now of working on three proposals to submit to the Board of Governors. The process should be finished by next fall.

Task Force on Compensation Report – Ms. Becky White
Continuing to meet, discussing Merit pay. We have been discussing this a lot. There are several faculty on the task force as well as staff and professional staff. Most are not in favor of it. We have to have a component in our proposal that address merit pay. We had a good last meeting. We looked at merit pay as maybe an awards program. We think it has the potential to be a performance motivator. It would be very selective, rare award or awards for all the levels, faculty, professional and support. The more we discussed this, the more interested Shelia and I became.

The thing that we are emphasizing would be that first we have the market pay in place, working towards the target goal with advancement to midpoint. The next would be the appraisal process. They are still inconsistent campus wide. We have to have consistency for everyone to buy into it. We are in the second year of our new appraisal. We have asked for 5 years to look at the appraisals. We have to look into how the supervisors are trained for appraisal. Once that is done, then we would look at merit as an awards program. We’re open right now because we’re just at the beginning stage. Merit pay at least for staff would be 5 years to give us time to look at all the components. Another thing that we’re going to recommend is maybe this task force becomes more of a council so we can look at this year by year by year. Once this goes to administration it depends on how they read it, how they interpret it. We meet again tomorrow and will be discussing benefits. Please send any questions/concerns/suggestions to Shelia or Becky.

Would this include those that fall under the minimums? That was an initial part of the SSC proposal that was sent forward. Is that included? I have not heard any suggestions of percentage rate change. The minimum range is standard procedure, and it usually covers an increase in insurance or something along that lines. We were asking for support staff to move towards the target of midpoint. Shelia and Becky would appreciate hearing from you.

Bowling for the Green – Ms. Kathy Maham
We are looking at July 10, 11:00-2:00. We were looking for a date without a lot going on campus that date. We hadn’t realized there was a silent auction and the other things involved. Will you be asking for donations? Yes, we will. We have our first meeting on May 20 and will be dividing tasks then. If anyone has any other ideas, please let either Kathy or Cindy know.

Support Staff Breakfast – Susie Mysiewicz
We received a lot of email saying they had a great time. We consider it a great success. We had 219 show up. We had 119 did not RSVP. 11 that did not RSVP came anyway. We are going to do the same way next year, via email. Next year Susie is retiring. Pam Bennett and Jody Ritter will co-chairs. Becky White has volunteered to be committee member. It will be a breakfast next year as everyone has expressed that they prefer this over a lunch option. It is going to be on a Wednesday, on April 22 on the actual Administrative Professional’s Day. Big thank you to Debbie, for the funding she secured from the VPs. They would probably be willing to do that every year. Debbie asked for $200 and he gave us $500. It’s covered everything, including the geraniums. Without their support, we would have fell short this year. Thank you!

On the no RSVP, there were some that were not sure if they could get off work to go. I have always been told that every single support staff person is to be allowed to spend an hour and a half. You may want to reiterate that it is supported. Everyone should be allowed. It is very hard for areas like Central Village and Public Safety.

Other – Stephanie Myers

a. Ice Cream Social – I would like to vote on this next month. Some people keep mentioning it. Budget is not good for this year. We really need to make our priorities. Last year we had a lunch in August instead. We had a poor turn out the year before to the ice cream social. The pot luck lunch was really fun. We need a social committee to work on scheduling things like this. Would that be the same people that do the Christmas? The president asks for volunteers whenever they are needed and they formed the committee. It’s better to ask for volunteers each time to give everyone a chance to participate. Brenda, Peggy and Diane will start off the luncheon committee. We should have two lanes going down the table for easier access. Brenda Dooley will chair.

b. Meeting times for 08-09 SSC – I’ve had people suggest we move the time of these meetings. You will notice that next month is 10:30, but mornings are not a good thing in my office and I will not be able to escape (Stephanie). If you do it too early in the morning, all of our offices are swamped. If you do it too late in the afternoon, people are leaving early. I’ve thought about doing it at 2:00 or we can leave it at 1:30. If you would send me your thoughts and comments that would be great.

We usually have the office supply swap in September and Diane will be in charge.

Have an email from Cindy Moore who chaired the holiday social last year. I think they decided to just have one. Cindy reserved the room for December 17, do not know the location. It seemed really odd dividing everyone by their last name. Is Cindy staying on the committee? It sounds like it, but not confirmed. Phyllis was on the committee also.

Susie Mysiewicz has decided to relinquish her responsibilities of the Professional Recognition Committee.  Jody Ritter and Pam Bennett will be co-chairs.  Becky White has agreed to be a part of that committee. 


Next Support Staff Council Meeting will be June 10, 2008 in Union 101 at 10:30 am