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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


November 2009

Support Staff Council Minutes

November 10, 2009

1:30 P.M.

Union 235

33 Attendees: Peggy Harrison, Kathy Maham, Joyce Stephens, Suzan Brown, Brenda Dooley, Ginny McTighe, Cindy Merryfield, Shelia Schneider, Tia Milburn, Bettie Moore, Diana Summers, Jo Greife, Pam Bennett, Sarah Bailey, Tammy Shanks, Mike Jeffries, Patty Roberts, Virdia Stevens, Julia Kerr, Becky White, Chenelle McNair, Brenda Wilson, Paula Beck, Sandy Christ, Ardith Sampson, Ann Davis, Susie Pine, Teresa Huffman, Cindy Moore, Stephanie Woerth, Debbie Gerhart and Dorothy Salsman

Support Staff Council President Peggy Harrison called the meeting to order and welcomed those present.  Susan Malott, who was unable to attend the meeting because of the death of her grandmother, has accepted a new job at the Missouri Safety Center. Since she will no longer be in Finance and Administration, Susan has to forfeit her role as an elected representative and as the Support Staff Vice President.

Peggy went on to welcome Jo Greife as the new alternate and Tia Milburn who has agreed to fill out Susan’s term as Finance and Administration representative.

Approval of the amended October minutes were made after Cindy Moore requested the full menu and details of the December 16th Holiday Celebration be included in the minutes.  Peggy had the information and will take care of updating the minutes.

Kathy Maham, Treasurer, reported the Support Staff Council account has $1,611.26.  The Education Award account has $516.03 and the Survival Adult Abuse Center account has $3,242.07.  There has not been a lot of activity.  We really appreciate the individuals who are making regular donations through payroll deduct.

Dorothy Salsman, representing Dr. Betty Roberts, Administrative Liaison, reported ESCO is progressing nicely.  A lot of discussion is going on with the input SPRC has received. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will make budget recommendations in January 2010.

Professional Staff Liaison Mike Jeffries said there was not much to report.  They had discussed the upcoming December coffee at their October meeting.

Debbie Gerhart, IS Technical Training Coordinator, spoke to us about the Safe Computing Training sessions she has put on the university calendar and in particular phishing emails. Debbie handed out a flyer entitled, Phishing Stinks. It covered “How it Works,” “What to Look For,” “How to Protect Yourself” and had examples of a couple of different phishing emails that had been received at UCM.

Phishing is just a method to try to get your personal information.  Be leery of emails from banks, EBay, PayPal, etc. even the University and GroupWise wanting you to take urgent action.  Things can look very real.  Don’t click on links given or call phone numbers listed in the email.  Call a number you know to be correct.  Go directly to the website you know to be correct.   Https and the lock symbol have been duplicated and are not necessarily safe anymore. Don’t click on or fill in information in pop-up blocks! It is a good idea to change passwords often.

Becky White, Support Staff Council Election Committee Chair, reiterated we are about to be “Vice President-less” and therefore we need to take nominations and elect a new Vice President to fill out the rest of Susan Malott’s term (through April 2010.)  Support Staff Council representatives are eligible and, with special approval, an alternate can serve as Vice President. Becky and Peggy described the VP’s responsibilities. Becky opened the floor for nominations. None were made.

Slips of paper were handed out to all alternates and representatives present.  We were asked to make a nomination.  This gave an opportunity for someone to nominate themselves if they were interested in the position.  Nominations were read.  Of those nominated, Cindy Merryfield was willing to fulfill the balance of Susan’s term if elected. A vote was taken and Cindy was unanimously elected as our new Vice President.  Her willingness is greatly appreciated.

Peggy gave a special thanks to Brenda Dooley and Susie Mysiewicz for helping Dave DeFrain get out the annual mailing for the Survival Adult Abuse Center.


Cindy Moore, Holiday Party Committee Chairman, reported that after talking with the Professional Staff Council, they prefer we not do a penny war at the Holiday Event. It will be a day of giving and not a competition. Therefore containers have been prepared and will be set out in a variety of offices across campus to collect funds to benefit the Food Pantry.  Canned goods for the Food Pantry will also be collected at the joint Professional Staff and Support Staff Holiday Event on Wednesday, December 16th from 2:00-4:00 pm in the Elliott Union Ballroom. Although not a meal, the following will be served: Christmas decorated cookies; fruit and dip; cheese and crackers; a variety of finger sandwiches; assorted bar cookies; brownies; chips and dip; hot chocolate; hot cider; and water.

The Support Staff and Professional Staff are co-sponsors of the Community Coffee on Friday, December 4.  Penny war containers will be prepared for a friendly competition between Faculty, Professional Staff and Support Staff to benefit the Food Pantry.

Support Staff representative on the Traffic and Parking Policy Committee, Shelia Schneider, asked the SSC for our thoughts in regard to complaints they have received in regard to emeriti hang tag parking.  One of the benefits of qualifying faculty and staff retiring as emeriti from UCM is the receipt of an emeriti hang tag that allows emeriti complimentary parking in resident student, commuter student, faculty/staff and Area M lots (excludes spots marked reserved, handicap, or service vehicles.)  Complaints range from: tags being loaned to family members; tags being loaned to friends/neighbors; and emeriti who have returned to UCM to work on a regular basis.  The use of visitor spots is causing problems with Chick-fil-a’s ability to encourage local business. Public Safety cannot say anything when they are parked legally with the hang tag.

A change in policy will not go in effect until next year when a new policy brochure is printed but this needs to be discussed now.

A question was asked as to whether the issue came up because of reduced parking.  Shelia could not answer that question.  Union parking and people coming in as true visitors to the campus seem to be the real problem of shortage of spaces.

A question was asked if we were noticing a lot of student parking in faculty/staff lots.  Bettie Moore responded that because they had to use current employees to drive the shuttle, they had a shortage of ticket writers until the shuttle was discontinued.  The ticket writers are back out now, and two more have been hired.  They expect to hear some complaints from students who have parked free during the first part of the term and are now getting tickets.

Mike Jeffries said the Professional Staff would discuss this issue in their meeting.  He suggested considering three issues: 1) Emeriti parking during regular business hours and where; 2) Visitor parking; and 3) Food Services and Student Affairs opening up services to the general public need to make accommodations for public parking.  Another part of issue #1 is the emeriti that have returned to work.

Shelia also gave us a heads up on the parking passes that have scratch-off days.  Warn users NOT to scratch off another day.  The fine is $200.00 and they will not be allowed to park on campus for 1 year.  The extra scratch off is considered an altered permit.

Peggy gave an extra warning to lock your car because several permits have been stolen recently.

Congratulations to Shelia for recently being elected Chairman of the Traffic and Parking Policy Committee.

In the absence of Susan Malott, Susie Pine reported on the SS Award Committee’s work. Susie passed out a limited number of an example of the nomination form for us to see.  The committee plans to encourage support staff nominations by soliciting through GroupWise and a variety of appropriate campus listserves.  Anyone can make a nomination. Nominations will be accepted January - February 15. The recipient will be chosen by the SS Award Committee March 1 – 15 and the award will be presented at the April Support Staff Appreciation Breakfast.

The SS Award Committee has decided to have a bake sale to raise funds for the award on Tuesday, December 1 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Ward Edwards Atrium.  A signup sheet to work in half hour increments was circulated.  If you missed the signup sheet you can call or email Peggy Harrison to find out time slots needing to be filled.  Volunteers are needed to donate baked goods and food to be sold.  Remember things need to be individual wrapped. Depending on the size, 2-3 cookies can be wrapped together. Use your best judgment.

We are aware that the Holiday Market and possibly the President’s holiday party is also on December 1.

Stephanie Woerth promoted the MoCPA SupportStaff Drive-in Conference being held at UCM on Friday, February 5, 2010.  Ideas for session topics need to be in by December 18.  Nominations for both the Missouri College Personnel Association Outstanding Support Staff Award and the Outstanding Support Staff SPIRIT Award need to be submitted by January 15, 2010. The Conference registration deadline is January 22, 2010.  Watch for emails or contact Kiley Moody, Office of Campus Activities, UN 217,, X4005.


Tia Milburn won a free Monetti’s lunch buffet certificate. Becky White won a free Mazzio’s lunch card and Debbie Gerhart won a UCM Alumni pennant. Peggy expressed appreciation for the items donated by Monetti’s, Mazzio’s and the Office of Alumni Relations and Development.


Virdia Stevens, Support Staff representative on the Library Advisory Committee, reported that a survey is being sent out Friday, November 13 to determine library resource needs for the coming year.  All library resources will be looked at.  The survey is being sent to faculty, staff and GAs. It is important to respond if you, or your department, use any library resources.

Peggy announced she still has a number of tickets to athletic events available, while they last.  If you are interested please contact her.  She expressed her thanks to Shawn Jones for making the tickets available.

There being no other business the meeting was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be December 8, 2009 - 1:30 p.m. - UN 235.

Respectfully submitted:

Joyce M. Stephens

Support Staff Council Secretary