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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


October 2007

Support Staff Council

Attendance:  Debbie Combs, Belva Farnsworth, Brenda Dooley, Peggy Harrison, Cindy Merryfield, Ginny McTighe (Alt), Kathy Maham, Susan Malott, Dean Murphy, Pam Bennett (Alt), Karen O’Keefe, Joyce Stephens (Alt), and Zach Lewis.
Guests:  Sarah Roy, Shawn Smith, Jeff Morris, Barb Hicks, Donna Roberts, Deloris England, Barry Wilson, Chad Blecke, Emily Bergsieker, Tom Sturtevant, Terrie Baker, Sandy Christ, Tracy Martens, Ann Davis, and Stephanie Woerth.

Debbie Combs called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the September 11, 2007 meeting were approved.

University Crest – Mr. Jeff Morris
The purpose of Jeff’s visit was to seek feedback from the SSC (Support Staff Council) regarding another crest/seal to be used at UCM.  He and President Podolefsky have been working on designs for several months, and will present their designs to the Board of Governors next week.  They have had ongoing requests for a second design to go with the currently used seal.  Research included viewing buildings, symbols, shields, different colors and seeing what other universities were using.  The seal adopted will be optional, primarily used for academic purposes.  The objectives sought for the new design are to incorporate the university name change, look at different logos, and find a symbol to better represent the academic side.  They were searching for an “iconic” design that exemplifies possibly an architectural main-point on the campus, such as the Friendship tower shape and the many columns found on buildings around campus.  This crest could be located on street signs for example, and a familiar design that could be recognized from a distance was considered.  Several examples were shown to the council, and the responses were positive.  The current seal will remain official for diplomas, transcripts, and etc.

Solid Gold Award – Ms. Barb Hicks presented awards for October 2007 to:
1.  Delores England - Printing Services, nominated by Barry Wilson
2.  Stephanie Woerth – Alumni Relations, nominated by Emily Bergsieker
3.  Sarah Roy – Extended Campus, nominated by Carla Maltas, Music Dept.
4.  Tom Sturtevant – Campus Activities, nominated by Zach Lewis
5.  Ginny McTighe – English, nominated by Chad Blecke

Professional Staff Council Report – Mr. Zach Lewis
Zach had nothing new to report.  Ginny McTighe inquired if the council had set goals for the year yet.  His response was no, and that he would address it at the next meeting.

Lighthouse Silhouettes – Ms. Ginny McTighe
Ginny addressed the idea to the council of purchasing and decorating a Lighthouse Silhouette in support of Domestic Abuse Month.  Cindy Merryfield volunteered to be on the decorating committee and offered her conference room in Grinstead 120 on this Thursday for the decorating party.  It was agreed that the $30 fee for the silhouette would be paid from the SSC account.  Belva Farnsworth made the motion to adopt the plan, and Susan Malott seconded the motion.  The rest of the council were all in favor as well.  Debbie Combs will send out an email to the entire SSC and request more volunteers for this cause.  The completion date for the decorated silhouettes is this Friday, Oct. 12. 

Holiday Social Committee Report – Ms. Terri Baker
Committee members for this function are:  Cindy Moore (chair), Terrie Baker, Laura Goodwin, Ann Davis, Phyllis Watts, Shelly Brito, Stephanie Woerth, and Susan Graham.  Terri suggested two dates for the holiday celebration, Tuesday, Dec. 18, in the Admin. bldg., second floor by Hendricks Hall and Thursday, Dec. 20, in the Wood Bldg. Highlander Theatre foyer.  To keep coordination efforts to a minimum, it was decided to handle the celebration a bit differently this year.  Employees can attend either party, but employees are requested to provide a dish for one of the two dates according to their last name.  If their last name starts with letters between A-M, they are requested to bring a dish to the celebration on Dec. 18, and if their last name starts with letters between N-Z, they are requested to bring a dish to the celebration on Dec. 20.  The SSC agreed to pay for the hot chocolate, and holiday committee members will provide the paper products.  The option for employees to donate money for food was not considered this year, as it was a lot of extra work for the committee members.  It was also considered by the SSC to invite the professional staff to attend and bring a dish, as they don’t do holiday parties.  The  PSC can possibly help with the cost of the hot chocolate.  Zach Lewis will address this issue with the PSC. 

Other Business
-Ginny McTighe reported that the proposals created by SSC subcommittee on salary proposals were halted so that a new president’s task force could be created with representatives from all governance groups.  Our subcommittee chair, Shelia Schneider was asked to serve on that task force.  This task force has yet to meet.  The President’s Commission on the Status of Women has salary data for support staff and professional staff.  It is assumed that the commission will present this data to President Podolefsky, as done with the women faculty data a few months ago.  There will be a survey regarding campus climate distributed soon from Sonny Castro, although it does not address women employee salaries specifically.  The SSC was concerned with the time-frame for proposals, as we were expecting to have any proposals through the SSC to the president in October to meet any deadlines for inclusion in the next FY budget.  One suggestion by Zach Lewis was to take the issue before the president.

-Susan Malott inquired if we would be doing anything for the homecoming on the weekend of Oct. 19 and 20.  There was an overwhelming negative response as many people were already involved in the homecoming.
Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 13 at 1:30 in Union 235.