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Support Staff Council

President: Barb Hicks
Vice President: Felicity Buell
Treasurer: Katelyn Adams
Secretary: Tia Milburn


September 2007

 Support Staff Council

Attendance:  Debbie Combs, Brenda Dooley, Peggy Harrison, Ginny McTighe (Alt), Kathy Maham, Dean Murphy, Pam Bennett (Alt), Karen O’Keefe, and Joyce Stephens (Alt).
Guests:  Dianne Gower, Barb Hicks, Diana Summers, Julia Kerr, Shelia Schneider, Ann Davis, Kathie Mathews, Deloris England, Tracy Martens, Stephanie Woerth, and Laura Miller.

Debbie Combs called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the August 14, 2007 meeting were approved.

Office Supply Swap – Ms. Diana Summers
Diana reported that the Office Supply Swap will be held Sept. 19, from 9 to 10:30 in Union 235.  She will be there from 8:30 until 11:00, if anyone would like to drop off and check back later on their items.

Solid Gold Award – Ms. Barb Hicks
Barb presented awards for September 2007 to:
1.  Delores England - Printing Services, nominated by Ms. Kathie Mathews
2.  Julia Kerr - Political Science, nominated by Dr. James Staab.
3.  Laura Miller - Student Records/Registrar, nominated by Ms. Teri Bowman.

Governance Groups Compensation Task Force – Ms. Debbie Combs
President Podolefsky wants the three governance groups (Faculty, Professional, and Support Staff) to work together on employee compensation issues to reduce the redundancy of efforts if they were to work separately. Jack Rogers, Charlie Rutt and Debbie Combs met two weeks ago and discussed:
1.  Compensation, including salaries, benefits, etc.
2.  Forming a task force from all governance groups.  Support staff already has a committee in place, and they have good information to present to the committee.
3.  Representatives are needed from all three areas.  Sheila Schneider will serve on the committee.
Debbie asked if anyone had questions.  A statement was made that expressed the hope for an equal balanced taskforce made up of the three governance groups. Debbie stated J. Rogers was concerned about support staff salaries and keeping experienced, qualified people at UCM.  He was also concerned about issues such as longevity, merit pay and health insurance costs.

Support Staff Salary Review Committee Update – Ms. Shelia Schneider
The group’s proposal was required for Oct 1.  The basic premise for the committee was to determine how to move the majority of support staff to their mid-point pay range and to maintain the cost of living.
Proposal No 1:  The group focused on how many employees were not at their salary range midpoint (market rate).  They looked at moving employees to the market rate by a certain percentage of market pay to where the employee would be at market pay by the end of their fifth year at UCM or after seven years.  Majority of the employees who are currently at or above market pay have been at UCM for 15+ years.
Proposal No 2:  Move employees toward the maximum range by giving them a 1% increase each year after they have reached their market rate.
The group looked at a three year period “phase in”:
Year 1:  Employees with 15+ years to make a jump to the proposal amount
Year 2:  Employees with 10-15 years to make a jump to the proposal amount
Year 3:  All others to make a jump to the proposal amount
Both proposals included the salary schedule being adjusted for cost-of-living every year.  The proposals are pay raises which would be on top of cost-of-living increase.
Another part of the proposal:  It was declared that merit pay will not benefit support staff employees unless supervisors across the board are following the same standards for evaluation and are consistent.  The group decided that they wanted the benefits to stay the same as they are now. Human Resources cannot accomplish position reviews on a routine basis, as they are understaffed for that function.  It was noted that Rick Dixon is a good resource and would be a great asset on the task force.

Statement of General Consensus on Draft Strategic Plan Mission and Goals – Ms. Debbie Combs
Debbie sent an email to support staff on Aug. 6 requesting feedback from SSC regarding the University Strategic Plan draft.  The SSC needs to provide their input as a governance group, and she had two replies sent back to her.  Specifics to look at in particular were the mission, vision and the goals. 

Other Business
1.  School Supply Drive:  It was noted that a good amount of donations were received from all of the designated drop-off locations.
2.  Volunteers will be needed for the Holiday Celebration in December.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 9 at 1:30 in Union 235.