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High School Dual Credit

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College Credit for Citizens of Missouri Boys and Girls State

If you participated in Missouri Boys State or Girls State this past summer you could earn college credit. Here's how:

Do I qualify?

Students must meet the below criteria to qualify for the college credit. Qualified students will be contacted by UCM via email in July giving them the chance to enroll. 

  1. Successfully complete the entire week.  Students who leave the program for any reason will not be eligible for college credit.
  2. Actively participate in the academic portions of the program ( i.e. special assemblies, schools of instruction, and governmental activities).  It must be evident that the student is at least attempting to be an active citizen by running for government and/or political office, seeking appointments, helping other citizens’ campaign for office, serving as a reporter for one of the medias, etc.  Daily newspapers, city and county reports, ballots, and reports by the counselors will be used to evaluate each citizen’s participation.  In addition, each student will write an essay or complete a participation chart summarizing participation and what was learned.  The student must complete and submit this essay or chart and it must satisfactorily address the question and adequately demonstrate an ability to communicate in writing in order to be eligible.  Participation in fitness activities is not counted toward a student’s academic participation.
  3. Receive at least a 70% on all examinations.

If you have questions about qualification, please contact Dr. Robynn Kuhlmann at

Dual Credit Staff