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High School Dual Credit

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Boys and Girls State credit, dual credit?

No, these credits are offered for college credit only. However, UCM's Dual Credit Office is the area responsible for processing these credits; hence, the dual credit references throughout this site.


Do I have to pay an application fee when applying for these college credits?

No, the application fee is waived for Boys and Girls State participants when applying for this particular college credit opportunity. If during the application process you were asked to pay an application fee, it could be that an incorrect student type was selected during Step 1 of the online application. If you went through the application and paid the admission fee, you may contact us for a refund.


I mailed the enrollment application form on the day it was due, will it be accepted?

Yes, as long as the form is postmarked by the deadline, it will be accepted.


I missed the enrollment deadline, can I still apply for the credits?

No, deadlines are strongly enforced.


I changed my mind, can I switch between options?

No, switching between options is not allowed. Once your enrollment application has been processed, you will be locked in that option.


I applied and paid for the college credits but later found out the institution I'm planning to attend won't accept the credits, can I get a refund?

Refunds are only allowed under extenuating circumstances. Students are responsible for verifying the transferability of these credits as policies vary by institution and major/minor chosen. Transferability issues are not considered extenuating circumstances.


I earned the credits and need them sent over to my future or current university, what do I need to do?

To transfer your credits out you will need to request official transcripts to be sent over and pay a fee. Please visit our Registrar's website for information on How to Request Official Transcripts.


Dual Credit Staff