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High School Dual Credit

Humphreys 401
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Toll Free: 877.729.8266, ext. 23
Local: 660.543.8718
Fax: 660.543.8333

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Credit Options Available

Option I, for 2 credit hours:

If you choose this option, you don't have to complete any additional work, just apply and enroll for the credits by following these instructions. Applicants will receive a grade of "pass" and transcripts can be requested after December 2017.


Option II, for 3 credit hours:

If you choose this option, you would need to write and submit a short 3-5 pages paper due on April 6, 2018. You will earn three credit hours with a letter grade of A-D based upon the paper you submit. A description of the course and objectives can be found on the course syllabus. You will need internet access as all work will be submitted online. After you enroll for the credits, we will notify you via email at the address you provided on the Boys or Girls State application. This email will include enrollment information and further instructions on the credit option you have chosen. Credit for this option will be awarded for the Spring 2018 semester and transcripts will be available after May, 2018.


Dual Credit Staff