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Archaeological Tour to London

Anthropology 4815 will be a three-week Summer Study Tour based at the University of Central Missouri campus and in London, England. During the first week (May 11 - 15, 2009) in Missouri, students will discuss the role of archaeology and museums in presenting past cultural accomplishments and review major cultural traditions in different parts of the world. A major issue that we will discuss is who has the right to own, display, and interpret the past. During the second week, (May 16-21, 2009) the class will travel to London, England. There, students will have the opportunity to learn from exhibits at the British Museum and the Museum of London about ancient cultures and to study how we choose to portray those cultures. After our return, we will meet part of the third week, (May 26-28, 2009) providing opportunity to discuss our London museum experiences and recent trends in world repatriation and autonomy. You can earn 3 credit hours upon the completion of the tour and all coursework.

The course is appropriate for undergraduates with interests in anthropology, archaeology, history, or museum studies. Graduate students can receive credit but will be required to do additional research at a level appropriate to UCM graduate education.

For more information about our upcoming 2009 tour, please contact: Dr. Jeff Yelton at 660-543-4427 or

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