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Sustainability: Teach-In on Sustainability


Yue Cai-Hillon and Hunter Hoyer

Strategy and Sustainability: How Sustainability Affects Business Decisions



About Yue:  

Associate Professor of Management at the University of Central Missouri primarily teaching strategic management and management consulting. A short career as a software developer and database administrator prior to academia allowed her to personally experience and learn about the relationship between organizational vision and personal goals, the strategic value behind action-based planning, and the hidden potential embedded within every organization. Since then, in collaboration with the Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Center, she has been inspired to learn more about critical management and organizational change management. With a consulting emphasis in strategic planning and socio-economic performance management, Cai-Hillon has mentored more than sixty undergraduate and graduate business student teams at the University of Central Missouri on more than thirty business development projects for existing and startup companies in industries such as manufacturing, bio-technology, alternative energy, food and beverage, agriculture, engineering and design, life style businesses, non-for-profit, and education.



About Hunter:  
Hunter is a graduate Accountancy student at the University of Central Missouri and the current Sustainability Coordinator. He has held positions at Cargill, Inc. and PricewaterhouseCoopers in corporate accounting divisions. Hunter's interests include sustainable business strategy and organizational policy.



Presenting: Topic:


11:40 p.m. -12:15 p.m.

Union 236


Dr. Yue Cai-Hillon and Hunter Hoyer will be presenting on how sustainability affects business strategy within society. A case study on Whole Foods supermarkets will be analyzed to determine how companies can implement sustainable strategy. Furthermore, the presentation will address the degree to which sustainability affects business decisions.