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Green Resident
UCM Recycling 101


Sustainability: Teach-In on Sustainability


Melissa Abnor and Donna Dodenhamer

Haute Trash: Converting Trash to Wearable Art


About Melissa:  

Melissa is a professor at UCM, where she instructs students in Fashion and Apparel Merchandising. She has been involved in the Haute Trash, among other sustainable initiatives at UCM for the past three years. Abnor also has experience in teaching sustainability, she teaches “Sustainability for Consumer Products” class and gives presentations on other topics such as healthy personal care, where to put old clothing and in greening your wardrobe.


About Donna:  

Donna Bodenhamer is the Director of Student Accounts at UCM. Bodenhamer has been instrumental in bringing the Haute Trash Fashion show to UCM as part of the Earth Week Celebration. is an artist collaborative that creates wearable art from recycled materials.



Presenting: Topic:


11:00 a.m. -11:35 p.m.

Union 236


Think of all the small items you throw away that may seem insignificant but add up to a lot of waste in landfills. What if you could use those items to create wearable art? This workshop will highlight the mission, an organization that creates wearable art from society's trash.  Join us, become inspired! Turn your trash into treasure and become a part of the Haute Trash fashion show during the UCM Earth Week.