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Sustainability: Teach-In on Sustainability


Mary McCord

Plastic Packaging- Recycle, Ban or Embrace?



About Mary:  

Mary McCord had an entrepreneurial career that included oil and gas production, she later earned her PhD in Business Administration She is a Professor of Management at UCM, where she currently teaches Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise courses through pedagogies that combine team-based learning methods and service learning with real world business experience. Dr. McCord championed and nurtured the Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise program at UCM, as well as the UCM StartUp center, which incubates student profit and not-for-profit ventures.





Presenting: Topic:


1:10 p.m. -1:45 p.m.

Union 238



A large number of the billions of PET bottles produced every year are thrown away, producing a serious environmental concern. Action has already been taken to stem the waste flow, mainly in the area of recycling. Only aluminum fetches a higher price at the recycling center than PET, so, at a one to two percent recovery rate, PET is the most extensively recycled plastic.


Despite PET's high recycling rate compared to other plastics, many companies and officials want to make it even higher. Current plans are to look into PET incineration, in which it is claimed that, if done properly, the products of complete combustion are merely carbon dioxide and water.  Some others would like to ban the PET packaging, since so little of it gets into the recycling stream.