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Sustainability: Earth Week


The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 and has since gained more national attention than ever. UCM joined this effort by hosting an entire week of celebrations. In 2012 UCM adopted Earth Day 365 as a representation of the importance of celebrating Earth Day everyday of the year. The Earth Day 365 committee hosts or help organize a sustainability themed event each month leading up to the week of events leading up to Earth Week. This keeps student, faculty, and staff thinking about sustainability and how they can make a difference all year round.


The Earth Day 365 Committee Mission Statement:


Earth Day 365 recognizes that social, economic, and environmental sustainability must be practiced every day and are the foundation upon which we will improve the state of the environment for the next generation.




We celebrate

Earth Day, the modern environmental movement launches in 1970, and the shared values amongst the UCM community that improve the learning and working environments, and that create a more livable and sustainable community. 


We Inform

The Central and local communities through environmental education programs, through policies inclusive of social, health, economic, and environmental perspectives, and through best-practices examples that promote innovation improving well-being of future generations.


We Advocate

The empowerment of individuals and stake holders to take personal and positive actions to curb global climate change and solve critical environmental issues.

Because UCM is and will continue to be the community leader in sustainability!



The dates for Earth Week 2013 are April 20-27th. More information for this year’s Earth Week will be posted soon.

For more information, click HERE.