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Sustainability: Teach-In on Sustainable Solutions



The UCM Teach-In on Sustainable Solutions is a one day conference educating participants about the importance of sustainability and how each person can be involved and make a difference. At UCM’s Teach-In faculty disciplines campus wide come together, along with experts in the field and industry leaders, to offer presentations on a wide array of subjects related to environmental sustainability, the effect communities have on the environment, and what individuals and companies are doing to mitigate their impact on the environment.



UCM 10th Annual Teach-In on Sustainable Solutions

2018 TBA


Past Events
Warrensburg CEA
Don't Recycle! Do Something Better!
Angela Spencer
Reducing Chemical Impact for Facilities
Suzy Latare
Intersections: Sustainability, Compassion, Justice
Warrensburg CEA
Get Active, Make Positive Changes
Keynote Speaker: Cathy Misko, Bee Lady

Steve Schuetz
The Inconvenience of Going Green
Ashton Oltmanns
Sustainability at Home: Energy, Efficiency and Environmentally Responsible Design
Erin Peters
Old? Yes! Irrelevant? No!
Janet Decker
Sodexo Food Recovery Program
Warrensburg CEA
Hypermiling Your Ride
Cathy Misko
Beekeeping - Heartland Beekeeping Partnership with help from Tom O'Neill
Warrensburg CEA and Sunsmart
Rooftop Solar PV Collectors
Warernsburg CEA
Climate Change


Past Speakers
Angela Spencer

Angela Spencer is a native of Raytown, Missouri. In 2012, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. In 2015, she earned a Master of Science in Occupational Safety Management. Since moving to Warrensburg in 2006, she has maintained full time employment while being a full time student. Angela is employed at the University of Central Missouri, where she also serves on the Safety Committee and the Fun Committee.

Warrensburg CEA

Citizens for Environmental Action (CEA) is a local group of volunteers working to help its families and community be healthier and more sustainable. Since 2000, CEA has sponsored dozens of public forums, Earth Day celebrations and other community activities designed to increase public appreciation for a healthy environment and community.


Suzy Latare

Suzy Latare has an M.A. in Environmental Studies from UCM (2012). She helped start the Heartland Tree Alliance in Kansas City, and the Warrensburg Tree Board. She’s eaten a vegan diet since 2003.

Ashton Oltmanns

Ashton Oltmanns is a full-time instructor in the Interior Design program at UCM. She also owns Blue Ink Consulting, LLC, an architectural consulting firm specializing in residential and commercial design.

Steven Schuetz

Steven Schuetz is an associate professor in UCM's Department of Psychological Science. Trained as a Counseling Psychologist, however he identifies as an Ecopsychologist. His main research focus is on what is stopping us from mitigating global warming/weirding.

Erin Peters

Erin Peters is a non-combat veteran of the United States Air Force and had the privilege of seeing historic architecture and interiors while living in England for four years. She is graduating from the University of Central Missouri’s Interior Design Program in Spring 2017. She is a member of UCM’s Honors College, as well as a student member of several professional organizations, such as the United States Green Building Council and National Trust for Historic Preservation. She plans to work in the interior design industry after graduation and then specialize in Historic Preservation, Adaptive Reuse, and Sustainability. Her long-term goal is to become LEED AP accredited and complete a Master’s of Architecture with an emphasis in Historic Preservation.

Cathy Misko
Cathy Misko is a mama of 8 and has been a beekeeper for 28 years. She resides with her physician husband on their hobby farm in Centerview, MO. She is the Kansas City area's Immediate Past President of Midwestern Beekeepers Association, Implemented and Chair MBA Youth Scholarship Program, MBA and State Beekeeper of the Year Awards, and recently founded Heartland Beekeeping Partnership to bring advance beekeeping workshops and national speakers to the western side of the State. Known as the "Bee Lady", Cathy has a passion for education and has taught beekeeping workshops, public outreach presentations, and advance classes

Janet Decker

Janet Decker has over 27 years of leadership experience in the campus dining industry. She is responsible for the vision, leadership and planning of campus dining programs in the Big 10, SEC and universities with contract management programs. Janet hails from Pennsylvania where she earned her BS Degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management. She has held leadership positions previously at the Pennsylvania State University, Vanderbilt University, and Saint Peter’s University. She has been an active member in the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) since 1991.
She joined the UCM Dining Team in August 2014.




If you have questions please contact Megan Fletcher the Sustainability Coordinator
In Person: In the SRWC, Garrison 192

Office Hours: MWF 8-10:30 a.m. and TTH 8 a.m.-1p.m.
Directions to the office: go past the front desk in the SRWC, right at the basketball courts go through the glass doors, third office on the left
Via Email:
By Phone: 660-543-8733



All events will be held at:

UCM Elliot Student Union

108 West South Street

Warrensburg, MO 64093