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Teacher Line

Office of Extended Studies
HUM 410
Warrensburg, MO 64093
1-877-SAY-UCMO ext. 22

FAQ for PBS TeacherLine

1. How much is tuition for PBS TeacherLine courses?

UCM's graduate tuition is $134 per credit hour. This is in addition to the regular PBS TeacherLine course fees. Please note: There is no refund for graduate fees once the course starts.

2. Can I enroll for graduate credit after the PBS course has ended?

Enrollment forms must be received and fees paid prior to the end of the PBS class. No one will be admitted retroactively to a class that has ended.

3. Can I transfer UCM credits to my graduate program at another institution?

Degree program requirements can vary significantly from one institution to another. If you have any questions about whether credits will transfer, we encourage you to check with the program advisor at your institution before enrolling.

4. How many credits earned through PBS TeacherLine can I transfer to my graduate program?

Again, each graduate program has different requirements, so please check with your program advisor for the transferability of PBS TeacherLine courses.

5. How will my transcript record these PBS TeacherLine credits?

Your official transcript from UCM will reflect the title of the PBS course.

6. Will I receive a letter grade for the credits?

Yes, credits earned through UCM for PBS TeacherLine courses are only evaluated on a letter grade basis.

7. How do I get an official transcript from UCM?

Order a copy of your transcript here.

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