Opportunity Defined

"Dad didn't say too much about the scholarship at the time, but a few weeks later, he discussed it with me on the telephone. That was the last conversation that I would have with him. Dad died suddenly on March 7 of the following year. Next to the chair in which he was sitting in his study when he was fatally stricken was the proposal for the Young Scholarship.

"The Robert A. and Edith M. Young Scholarship in Political Science was first granted that next fall, and it has been awarded every year since then. My mother on several occasions added significant amounts to the principal of the scholarship, and in many subsequent years, Ginger and I made more contributions to the corpus of the endowment.

"Meanwhile the number of possible recipients was increased from one to two per year. As interest rates kept falling, there was some concern whether the interest yielded would keep up with inflation and added tuition costs, but somehow the endowment has managed to do so. My mother died last year, and her will left another sizable gift to the fund.

With the check for the building in hand, I walked up the hill to the campus and endorsed the check over to the UCM Foundation for the endowment of a political science scholarship in the names of my parents. Ginger and I presented the proposal for the scholarship to my father that Christmas.

"Prior to the establishment of this scholarship, Ginger and I would donate a sum each year to the department. A Whiteman officer who had been in our M.A. program had provided a stipend in his name for several years but then discontinued doing so. We stepped in to continue what the officer had started, an annual award to the top graduating senior who was both a major and a member of the political science honor society.

"Ginger and I had hoped that such an award to a graduating senior - and the Young Scholarship that can go to sophomores, juniors or seniors - might encourage others to support the political science program in some way. As the editor of an annual newsletter that we sent to alumni, I would express this hope in its pages.

"To some extent, this effort succeeded. For example, one of our nontraditional majors also had two children attend our university. A scholarship was set up by the family to benefit the three UCM departments in which the parent and two children had been majors.

"Through the years, I havebeen able to confer this scholarship on many deserving recipients. It has been a pleasure to be able to visit with these talented young men and women and to facilitate their educational and professional progress."

Opportunity. One word defines it all.


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