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Her Practically Perfect Career

Magic Kingdom Job is Dream Come True for UCM Alumna

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On a movie project, 50 to 100 people may work on the development process during the 18 months it typically takes for products to make it from filmmakers to creative to licensing, then back to creative to production and finally to the stores. As an added benefit to working on the movie, all the creative employees get to see the film before it's released.

In the fall, Masakayan reached out to creative art schools in the Midwest to get interns for the design and creative teams at the company. She was surprised to learn that colleges now offer career counseling to help students prepare résumes and find internships and jobs.

"When I graduated, I really felt like I was on my own," she says. "What I've fallen into now at Disney is my dream job. But I wouldn't have been able to tell anyone that when I graduated from college."

Photo by Ryan Astamendi, courtesy of Disney

That's why she has decided to open the opportunity for a UCM student to participate in a six-month, paid internship in project management at Disney Consumer Products in California. "I think there are people like me who are interested in creative work but who don't want to go completely down that path. I wish I had had some type of internship or experience when I got out of college that I've had at Disney. That's why I'm working with UCM to start a project management internship for a student," she says.

The internship is expected to begin this summer and will be awarded to a graduate, so as not to disrupt the student's graduation track. She says that designers at Disney have internships open year-round, but this will be the first internship for project management.

Looking back on her time since graduating from UCM, Masakayan now has the personal and professional experiences to appreciate all the ups and downs of life with laughter.

"I was just in Kansas City for business meetings with Hallmark, and I met some of my college buddies for dinner," Masakayan says. "I hadn't seen many of them for at least 15 years, and we laughed so hard at all the great stories. I was at UCM at such a turning point in my life, getting an education, meeting some of my lifelong friends and enjoying my independence; it was such an amazing experience. I reference those years as some of the best years of my life."

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Nice article and Ms. Masakayan gives back to the university.

Amazing story about an incredibly talented career woman! Disney is more than fortunate to have Marie Masakayan as a VP.

It gave a well-rounded view of career development. Keep these coming. Tim 72

A great story -- you can tell she was willing to go where the jobs were rather than just taking anything in Kansas City.

Very interesting and I am sure that it will have a good effect on the students who see it.

Got a little confused with the, 'she went from KC to California, then somehow back in KC then her old job in California? but otherwise an excellent article.

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