A Word from the President


Contributing to Student Success

President Ambrose

One of the great things about being a part of the University of Central Missouri is that it is an institution that treasures tradition, but it is also a university that is willing to embrace change and often the challenges of moving forward. Since 1871, UCM has continued to grow and evolve, and members of the campus community can be proud of the progress we have made and excited about what lies ahead.

As you turn the pages of this issue of "Today" or read online, you will learn more about our outstanding alumni, students and programs. You will also learn about new opportunities that will forever change the campus landscape while building stronger community connections, providing new doorways to the university, and decreasing our dependence on state funding.

Our lead article focuses on the projects that have grown out of the 2009 Master Plan, which was recently updated and more finely tuned to meet specific needs. Imagine a new Arts Gateway that provides a strong sense of destination for UCM as a cultural and artistic center and a new mixed-use project that not only helps meet student housing needs but provides a link to the downtown area through retail opportunities on the north side of campus. Envision Pertle Springs with amenities that improve its use as a recreation and nature center, and a Stadium District that includes upgrades such as improved visitors seating and expanded concourse area, as well as more formalized entrances and parking lot enhancements that invite tailgating at home games and special events.

These are examples of some of the projects that are included in our ambitious blueprint for the university's future. Much work must be done before such projects can come to fruition, but as you read this story and others in this issue of "Today," you will discover many reasons why this is an exciting time to be at UCM.

Joining you in service,

Chuck Ambrose
President, University of Central Missouri