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The Need to Belong

UCM Foundation 2011 Annual Report

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"We're extremely proud to have every member of the Foundation Board of Directors make an individual gift to become a member of the Presidents Society, since it's the first time we have ever reached that goal," said Vance DeLozier, who served as the board's president during the fiscal year.

The Foundation Board of Directors consists of 26 individuals, most of whom have one or more UCM degrees. With backgrounds and interests covering a broad range of professions, they use their expertise and institutional knowledge to guide the foundation's fundraising and investment philosophies.

Annual Report

For example, take DeLozier, a 1971 UCM alumnus and lifelong Warrensburg businessman. His giving reflects his entertainment choices and philanthropic values. "I made my first gifts to UCM through athletics because I enjoy watching the teams and want them to do well," he says. A Mule Train member since 1975, he adds, "living in Warrensburg as I do, it's an important and fun part of my entertainment budget."

DeLozier had a better reason when he spoke recently to a UCM graduating class. "My key point is that those who give back receive more personally and professionally than they give," he said. "By giving back to UCM, I am involved in a lot of different activities, such as music events, ballgames, plays and performances, and I know the people involved, which makes it more fun."

Warrensburg dentist Ray Burton had similar reasons. He and his wife are both UCM alumni whose giving also supports athletics and the Performing Arts Series.

"We have several apartment buildings in town, and over the years have gotten to know many UCM athletes, which makes supporting the sports even more enjoyable," he said. They also designate their gifts to chemistry, "a strong connection I have because that's where I got my degree." Burton also explained they are members of the Presidents Society, "because at this time in our lives, we are fortunate enough to be able to give at that level."
When board member Greg Hoffman graduated in 1981, Central Missouri represented a major transition in his life. "I was the first person in my family to attend college and didn't know what to expect. With the guidance and encouragement I received from my professors, I learned I could do anything I set
my mind to."

Hoffman doesn't designate a specific area for his giving. "I want it be used where it can do the most good," he said.

He also believes that education must be affordable to as many people as possible. "It is the most important investment we can make as a society in our future," he added. "Education is far too important to be funded on leftover ashtray change. It must be a priority at the same level as other things we claim to be important to our growth and survival."

For board member Dan Power, a financial adviser and resident of Hutchinson, Kan., giving equates to appreciation. Power --- whose wife and son also are UCM alumni, along with many other relatives in his extended family --- supports the Mules wrestling team "because it has a great history and wonderful success story against amazing odds."


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