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Spring break is an opportunity for most college students to spend a week away ... More...

The Need to Belong

Abraham Maslow figured out in the 1940s that people need each other. He contended that humans want to belong ... More...

Doing Good

Sharing a Father's Lesson

A University of Central Missouri alumnus, Vance DeLozier praises the good examples ... More...

Doing Good


The test subject's legs bounced and swayed like willow branches in a cross breeze. His eyes danced around and ... More...

Central Yesterday

Central Yesterday

Pertle Springs

For the past several generations of university of Central Missouri students, it has always been present as a key part ... More...

A Word From The President

A Word from the President

Contributing to Student Success

By now many of our alumni and friends have heard about the critical financial challenges higher education will face in ... More...