A Word from the President


Contributing to Student Success

President Ambrose

By now many of our alumni and friends have heard about the critical financial challenges higher education will face in Fiscal Year 2013. State legislators are continuing to debate budget details, and it will be sometime in mid-May before we discover what the full impact of impending reductions in appropriations will mean for the University of Central Missouri. In recent years, UCM has become accustomed to making tough financial decisions as state support dwindles, but it hasn't deterred us from our focus on student success. It also hasn't decreased our determination to find new solutions to stumbling blocks in higher education that tax our ability to create the best learning environment possible for our students.

In such challenging fiscal times, we are particularly grateful for the outstanding support we receive from our many donors. Often, these individuals are alumni who want to give back to UCM for providing them with the knowledge, skills and confidence they needed for their own personal and professional success. Sometimes, gifts come from individuals who simply want to honor a faculty or staff member who made a difference in their lives by showing them how to fully engage in their education and fulfill their sense of purpose. They also may come from friends of the university who want to help us meet a need for a new facility, scholarship or specific program. Whatever the reason for giving, we value all who contribute to this great campus, both financially and through their generous gifts of service to the UCM community.

As you view this issue of "UCM Today," you'll learn more about the impact of philanthropy through the UCM Foundation 2011 Annual Report. You'll discover what gifts mean to the university and to those who benefit from them. Also, while you're turning the pages or reading this publication online, be sure to check out all the other articles that give you a glimpse into the lives of some of our outstanding alumni, campus history and initiatives. I'm confident that you'll discover many examples of what makes UCM a very special place for students and for those who serve them.

Joining you in service,

Chuck Ambrose
President, University of Central Missouri